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My work: Researching Officer in Institute of National Language, Royal Academy of Cambodia, Cambodia and Khmer Lecturer in The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mahasarakham University , Thailand Suo sdej, Dear visitor. Your visit number is I would like to profoundly thank for taking time to visit my page. Now it isin Cambodia.


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Khmer Wedding

Wedding is the greatest event of Khmer lives. The wedding can take two days or haft a day. The event is organized at bride's house/family. In each wedding's day many processes are followingly organized. Firstly, in the evening of the first day, in Khmer said thngaj col rong, they invited Buddhist monks to pray the semon for their bride and groom. Then in the morning of the next day the processe of marching of groom is started, usualy at 7 am. The march is started from groom's house to the bride's. A lot of things are in this offer, such as fruit, cake and other kind of food are held by participants in the march.

On the arrival of the groom, the bride held in hand by a legally married woman and accompanied by two or three bridemaid, come to greet her groom.

Then the stage of reviewing of offers, rop phlae cheu, is started. Traditionaly, the offer must be with 32 kinds of important fruit, which carried or held by participants in the march. After this stage many traditional stages organized, such as Hair cut (Kat sok), Kat khan Sla, Corng daj, Taong Sbaj, etc. The wedding ceremony is always finished by serving lunch of dinner to their honor quesses, or in some wedding parties after serving food, a few are contitued, according to the parties organizer.

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such a lovely wedding!

โดย: sweet evil (Sweet evil ) วันที่: 31 มีนาคม 2550 เวลา:23:14:52 น.  


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I like your Blog, Thanks.

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thank krub

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Thanks for Sharing the New perspective of wedding like this
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