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มีนาคม 2551
18 มีนาคม 2551
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Call me Gam or Monmata.My friends said,good side,that im fun to be

with,sense of humour,kind,and nice.Yes its true.Ill be nice to everyone

who nice to me.I care about people a lot, what r they thinking or

what they expect from me.When i love someone i just keep the area in

my heart for him.but the problem is im easy to fall.Im trying to fix this


However,Im indecisive i just cant choose,i hate myself.its kinda hard to

get the right one.I love both lol I spend pretty long time to

choose. Nobody knows the inside Im weak.I wish i would be brave when

i face with all the problems.Crying is my solution.I know its not good. Im

a heart breaker.I dont mean but it happened sometimes Im a bad girl

gone worse...

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Portland,Oregon United States

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Heya,what it do!! lol this is my retarded blog haha
sorry if im not here as much as i should..busii an lazii bum i am ;p

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