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21 มีนาคม 2553
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มาดู Live Ferformances เจ๋งๆ ของเจ้ใหญ่ แห่ง American - Idol - Kelly Clarkson กัน

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10.Never again
9. Up to the Mountain
8. Walk away
7. Breakaway
6. Behind these hazel eyes
5. Why haven't I heard from you
4. Miss independent
3. Cryin'
2. Beautiful Dissapter
1. Because of you

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whenever you felt that your heart is going to breakdown
feel it with the love of God ask for his and then you will
find out what is the truth love in Your life as he does for me!

GOD always forgive your mistake
the one that you cant even forget,
he always does it and always being with us
to help and blesss us for us whose heart is full of him

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