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How To Play A Guitar For Beginners

If you are like me many a time you are away on holiday in a bar which has live music, then a member of the audience gets up with the band who is playing and plays the fantastic is that.

How to get instant recognition from the crowd after playing two or three numbers in the sunset, as a holidaymaker who can play the guitar...

Well now you can...

Unlike many years ago where to play the guitar we had to have private lessons or learn at school today we can learn the new alternative method.

Today with the advancement of the Internet we can learn how to play a guitar from the comfort of our own home, in our own time as and when we feel like it.

No time constraints.

No driving to lessons

No wasting money

No embarrassments

How to play a guitar tutorials include lessons written for beginners right through to more advanced stages.

They come with step-by-step illustrated instructions, and in some cases are for right and left handed players.

Absolutely amazing unsurpassed video and audio clips assist as people learn differently, pause then playback if necessary, rewind and recap at your leisure.


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