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Know the Tips in Buying a Guitar

When you're buying a guitar you have to do your research. As a beginning guitar player it's easy to get confused with all the information and suggestion that is available. There are a lot of places you can find information and you should check them all. Guitar magazines are a good place to find prices and reviews on different models of guitars. You can also get information at your local music store.
Another great tool is the internet - you can get information on the manufacturers, search for other guitarist's assessment and views and find the best prices online.
Remember that a lot of the information and views that you will find will be biased. A salesman in a music store wants you to buy the brand of guitar that HE SELLS, so make sure you read reviews and opinions from independent sources.
I am often asked about buying a guitar through an online auction site like eBay. You can find auctions where guitars sell for incredibly low prices; but I don't suggest that you buy this way because you really need to play a guitar before you purchase it, particularly at this stage in your music career.
Once you've got the background knowledge that you need, you should make a selection of guitars that you are attracted in and set a fund for yourself. THEN STICK WITH YOUR BUDGET! Don't let salespeople talk you into wasting more money than you proposed.

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