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My Valentine

Dear N.

My first love. My puppy love. My good friend. You are sooooo many things in my life. You are one of my brightest memories and you will always be. Hey, you know what? I think we might get a chance to catch up together again real soon. So until then

Take care!


"...Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you
like I never ever loved no one before you..."

Dear T.

My great love. My best friend. Thank you for everything youve been sharing with me for all these years. Weve been in all ups and downs and it is such a memorable journey of love and friendship. Even though we're not having time to catch up much like before, but I know you always think of me...

And you know I'm always feeling the same!


"...I'm overwhelmed with gratitude
'cause baby I'm so thankful I found you..."

Dear S.

My buddy. Do you believe in destiny? A destiny that brought 2 people from 2 different countries to share their loves and lives together in a whole other country, made them greatest buddies, and finally crucially separated them apart TWICE!

What a twist!


P.S. Im wondering how soon Mr. Destiny will bring us back together again? Can't wait!

"...やがて過ぎる季節の中で 気持ちすれ違い離れた日々

Dear W.

Great kid! It's been 2 years but there was no single day passed by that I wouldnt miss you. Everything around me always reminds me of you. I loved you, and I still do. But I know we just cant go back to where we were cuz were so different in so many ways. So we move on and all I can do for you now is only to wish you all successes in whatever whenever and wherever your life heads you to. Cuz youre a great guy and everyone should know that!

I miss you!


"...I wonder how. I wonder why. I wonder where they are.
The days we had, the songs we sang together..."

Dear B.

My hero. I love you! And I dont think there would be anyone else in this world who I could even love like this. Youre my biggest inspiration and many splendid things in my life have happened simply because of you. Thank you for welcoming and sharing me a little space of your life. I cant be more overwhelmed

Youre truly my valentine!


"...You're all I need, my love, my Valentine..."


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