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Thai dessert

Thaidessertsare yet another explorable sector of the extensive realm ofbest Thai dishes. Anindulgence of Thai desserts is an eye-opener to a new angle of Thailands sweetflavors and a food gastro-adventure thats sure to never get boring.

Aftereating and gathering over100 best Thai dishes, itwas surely time to devour all the sugary treats that Bangkok has to offer.

MostThaidessertsare a sweet and sometimes filling snack opposed to a light andairy Western style dessert. They are characterized by sweet syrups,coconut cream, tropical fruits, and sweet sticky rice.

Theultimate guide to Thai desserts is divided into a few categories to make iteasier to navigate: Sticky Rice Desserts, Jelly/Custard/Gooey, Soup/Pudding,Cakes/Bread/Pancakes, Fruit/Based, Ice Cream, and Random.

Ifyou have a chronic sweet tooth or an occasional sweet craving, this ThaiDesserts (Khanom Thai): The Ultimate Thailand Sweets Guide is for you!

Ihave *** my personal favorites with 1-3 stars. My personal choicereally comes down tosticky ricedurianand Bua Loy Nam King, though most are quitedelicious.Take a look at the list and feel free to let me know yourfavorite Thai desserts!

Khao NeowToorien˹Ƿ¹ (DurianCoconut Milk Soup with Sticky Rice)***

Stickyrice with chunk of Durian swimming in a thick coconut cream syrup is surely oneof the most unique Thai desserts. If you love durian, nothing else will do!

Khao TomMud ǵѴ
(Banana Leaf Sticky Rice)

Itsmade from sticky rice, coconut milk, sugar, sweet black beans, all candied in abanana leaf wrapper and ready for you to eat.

(Banana Treat)

Stickyrice, bananas, sugar and shredded coconut made into a green treat. It becomesgreen by soaking Pandanus leaves in cool water and adding it to the mixture.

Khao Neow Ma Muang ˹ǧ (Sticky Ricewith Mango)*

Sweetsticky rice with sweet yellow mango on top and covered in coconut cream syrup.Khao Neow Mamuang is among the most popular Thai desserts to eat in and outsideof Thailand. In Bangkok, youll find mango stickyrice all over duringmango season.

Khao Neow Moon ˹ٹ (ColoredSticky Rice)*

Selectionof sticky rice made with sugar, coconut milk, salt and a little flavor tocreate the variation of color

Khanom Jarkҡ
(Palm Leaf Treat)

Flour,coconut meat, sugar and salt grilled in a palm leaf wrapper

Khao Lam
(Sticky Rice in Bamboo)

Stickyrice is sweetened with black beans and thick coconut syrup and roasted in abamboo poles over low fire. After the khao lam is roasted, its hacked open with amachete and ready to be served.

Khao NeowSang Kaya ˹ѧ (Sticky Ricewith Custard)**

ThisThai dessert consists of sweet sticky rice topped with a slice of creamycustard. Its rilling, rich, and delicious.

Khao NeowDam ˹Ǵ
(Sweet Black Sticky Rice)

Thisis the sweet black sticky rice version with shredded coconut on top.

Tong Yip ͧԺ
(Flower Egg Yolk Tart)

Eggyolk, sugar, and flower water boiled in sugar syrup and formed into flower likeshapes. Tong Yip, Tong Yord and Foi Tong make up a popular trinity of Thaidesserts.

Tong Yord ͧʹ (Round Egg Yolk Tart)

Eggyolk, sugar, and flower water are boiled in sugar syrup and formed into roundballs to create this sugar lovers sweet.

Foi Tong ·ͧ (Shredded Egg Yolk Tart)

Itsbasically the same ingredients used in the two Thai desserts above; Egg yolksand sugar are boiled in sweet syrup and then formed into hairlike shapes.

Khanom Kroká
(Coconut Rice Dumplings)*

Thesetraditional coconut and rice flour dumplings are cooked into little kettlecakes and often topped with a choice of green onions, sweet corn, taro, or justplain. Served hot, they will melt in your mouth.

Woon (Jelly)

Allkinds of Thai jelly similar to Jello not too special but sometimes good toeat.

Khanom Chun (Thai Jello)

Sugar,coconut milk, and flour mixed and set in cookie pan to harden into a jelly is avery popular Thai dessert.

KhanomDuang ǧ (StickyMorsels)

Tapiocaand rice flour with coconut milk and sugar made into little food coloredmorsels and sprinkled with shredded coconut

Sang KayaFug Tong ѧҿѡͧ (Pumpkin andCustard)

Itall begins with a pumpkin thats hollowed out and filled with the creamiestcustard you can ever imagine. The whole pumpkin is then sliced into pie likepieces and served normally as a takeaway treat. Its rich and sweet.

Khanom PiekPoon ¡ٹ (BurntCoconut Jelly)

Flour,sugar, and shredded coconut meat residue that is burnt on the outside to createthe black effect and made into a jelly

Takoh (Coconut Cream Jelly)

Tapiocaflour mixed with heavy coconut cream, coconut pulp and sugar and allmixed and steamed to create an intense coconut custard. Sometimes takoh isserved just plain while other times its placed over a bed or tapioca. Itsoften prepared in banana leaf wrappers.

KhanomThuay (Thai Coconut Custard)**

Quitesimilar to Thai takoh, khanom thuay is little coconut milk custard made in bitesized bowls. Its normally found as a Bangkokstreet food sold frommeandering carts and stalls.

Khanom Thien ¹ (Sticky Cake)

Tapiocaflour and peanuts made into a wet cake and wrapped in a banana leaf. Especiallyeaten during Chinese New Year in Thailand when youll see it all over thestreets and markets.


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Wowwwwww I love candy candy Thailand Thailand is very tasty and useful.

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Wow!!! I love this information because I love Thai foods a lot.

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