What is Life
by Adii Et Sweetie Bear on Thursday, March 5, 2009 at 7:50am ·

why do we have to be human to live on this earth?
what do we have to learn?
what is the propose of to be or to live?
it is a long long journey ..
not only this life, but also previous life, also next life

obviously ..
many people live their life starting to be born
to grow up
to study
to work
to fall in love
to have family
to have kids
to be old
to sick
to die
it is a cycle of life, isn't it?
if this is a case, so do we learn from being a human being?
we were sent to this earth but returned nothing, weren't we?

what is the propose of to be or to live?
it is about how to live the life worthwhile
it is about how to pleasure the journey each day each life

wtf am i doing here???

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