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ขาย boxset Pretty Little Liars เล่ม 1-8 ภาษา อังกฤษ

 มีเล่ม 1 ถึง 8 ค่ะ ทุกเล่มเหมือนใหม่

Box 1 - 900 บาท กล่องชำรุด แต่หนังสือสมบูรณ์ค่ะ
Pretty Little Liars

Box 2 - 1100 บาท สมบูรณ์ทั้งกล่องและหนังสือค่ะ

นัดรับได้ อารีย์ สุทธิสาร ลาดพร้าว

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Can't believe that I made it through my 7th year in the U.S...Can't wait to graduate from college any longer! So I can finally be home with my beloved family for all year round :)

I'm just an ordinary girl that have had big dreamsssss throughout my life's journey. For the past 22 years, I can say that my life wouldn't be any better or more completed than what it is right now... The most important thing my dad keeps telling me is: "Learn from the past before letting it go, then there will be no such a thing called 'regret'."

Thanks to my super papa, who makes everythin' so doodle doodle and my tiptop mommi who makes my life become much more tight!! Thanks to my sis for granting me chances though you have to loose much yourself. Finally, appreciation to Thailand for making me become who I am!!!
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