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Me as a Leo

Since young, my life has always been full of Sagittarius and Aries. Both signs are always made good friends for life for a person like me. Lately I've known a few Pices. One of them has once become very close to be my destiny but not really for real due to the distance. For me, scorpios are always made the worst acquaintances on earth. I met one and, tragically, he happened to fall for a person like me and that was like the wrong side of the world. Guess what? I ran away for my dear life...huh huh. I'd never known any Leo males, as a result, I've never fallen for least until lately.

Leo and Leo

This is a powerful combination. When these two powerful signs collide, there is no stopping them. The force of this attraction is very powerful. Both are fire signs and will love playing together. Fire signs by nature attract other Fire signs naturally. It is only a matter of time before these two magnetic signs attract and get a room. This relationship can work but boundaries must be established early on and only if both want to make it last. Both are stubborn, reliable and loyal by nature so there is an element of lasting potential to be had. Problems arise when one is not stroking the other Leos tender ego. Both will need lots of praise and compliments. One will come to the conclusion sooner or later that the other Leo may be too much for them after all. Secrets and gossip could mar the relationship.

Leo and Pisces

There is a mystical and sensual connection when Leo meets Pisces. They both will be surprised by the chemistry and intensity they initially feel for each other. This could be the real thing for Pisces. Leo is impressed with Pisces social charm and seductive ways. Pisces wants to seduce Leo immediately. Water and Fire will experience a passionate sex life. When they click, nothing and absolutely nothing gets in the way. The need to express love will be felt very strongly by both parties and sex will be erotic and intoxicating. Over time, Leo will come to the conclusion that Pisces is fun for a night and thats about it. Its fun while it lasts. A brief affair is possible but long-term love is not so promising for Leo. Pisces could swim away in a sea of tears.

Leo and Aries

The future will be paved an intense sexual attraction and enough healthy challenges to keep both mentally and physically satisfied. It is highly possible for these two to form a long-term relationship. Together they will gain prestige and could make a fortune. Both will need to tone down aggressiveness because both will display emotional confrontations if neglected. Aries should work on giving Leo the royal treatment and vice versa. If you are looking for a satisfying sex life, look no further. Both signs can match each others intensity and they will share strong compatibility in and out of the bedroom. The prognosis is very good for sex and very possible for marriage.

Leo and Sagittarius

Sagittarius will be drawn to Leos intensity and wild side. Both love to play with fire and neither will mind using flattery to get sex. They get along great as friends and lovers and a strong attraction could lead to a long-term love. A love of the good life and lots of laughter will be experienced together. Children and animals will be involved in this relationship. Finally, both have found someone that matches their stamina, in and out of the bedroom. Sex could be explosive and will be a reason to keep coming back to one another. Friends will also say they look great together. If they are looking for great sex, stop the search and get going already. They dont need to look anymore.



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Leo in attraction and sexual compatibility

Leo in attraction and sexual compatibility
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Leo and Leo

On their first meeting Leos see another Leo like looking in a mirror and they see a glamorous, popular extrovert like themselves. They have a fiery passionate nature so there will be an instant sexual attraction between them. They see the world in a grand way and although egotistical they are extremely popular. They will both be extravagant and generous so the time they spend together they will spend together. They will have great fun together trying to be more dramatic than each other much to the amusement of everyone else.

Leos do not think about commitment but they are very loving and open about how they feel so this should ensure the partnership is secure. They will enjoy the physical side of their relationship because they are very well matched sexually with them each supplying much passion, warmth and expertise. But they both want to be the centre of attention all the time which will cause regular fiery outbursts of temper in the bedroom and elsewhere. However, despite these problems it is likely that their sex life will be the one thing that keeps the relationship going as it's important to both of them. This looks like the perfect match but far from it as Leos are very proud and when it comes to making up after a row neither of them will want to. This could be a big problem.

This combination will not be easy because they will both want to be the centre of attention and they can't receive attention and give it at the same time. If they can learn to take it in turns to be on top and if both have planets like Venus (love) and Mars (desires) in other more compatible signs then this can be a very successful match. If not it may be that the arguments take over and the relationship turns into a power struggle. This relationship will be hard work but if they can learn not to let an argument fester and be willing to be the first to say sorry they will end up in a very satisfying relationship.

Leo and Virgo

On their first meeting Leos see Virgoans as cool and intellectual, someone with a passionate side waiting to be discovered. Virgoans see Leos as charismatic and extravagant, someone to add some glamour to their lives. The Leo has a passionate nature and will be attracted to the Virgoan's apparent hidden depths whilst the Virgoan is attracted to the warm and generous Leo underneath that huge ego. Leos will find Virgoans are a bit quiet but with an affectionate nature they find hard to resist. Virgoans will find Leos are lively, popular and easy to be with.

The Leo wants passion and love with a partner who can provide adoring attention and although Virgoans are sensible about everything that doesn't mean these two won't get together. Sexually the Leo will admire the perfect timing and technical ability of the Virgoan but be disappointed by the lack of real passion and the Virgoan may find the dramatic lovemaking of the Leo not as much fun as it first seemed. This will only be the start of their problems as the Leo will want to be in control and won't appreciate the Virgoan criticising everything they do.

Leos want to be the centre of attention and Virgoans need order in their lives. This combination sounds difficult but if both have planets like Venus (love) and Mars (desires) in other more compatible signs it can be a very successful match. If not it may be that the Leo goes off in search of attention leaving the Virgoan realising they need a more stable partner to make them happy. This relationship will be hard work but if they are prepared to work at it Leos can learn that some level of control in your life is necessary and Virgoans can learn to get out more and have some fun.

Leo and Libra

On their first meeting Leos see Librans as very attractive and enchanting, someone who gives a real boost to their ego. Librans see Leos as sociable and extrovert, someone who is great fun to be with. Both signs are romantic and love falling in love so the sexual attraction between them will be immediate. The Leo will find the Libran is an ideal companion being light, funny and easy to talk to. The Libran will find the Leo is warm and open underneath the rather vain impression they give on first meeting.

These two will be swept away by romantic feelings of love and a physical relationship between them is inevitable. They will be perfectly matched sexually with the Leo providing the passionate expertise and the Libran the light-hearted fun. But the relationship will not be without it's problems because the Leo will not appreciate the Libran indecisiveness which starts to irritate and important matters will never be resolved as the Libran finds serious discussions too uncomfortable.

Leos want to be the centre of attention and Librans want pleasure with an easy life. This combination sounds difficult but if both have planets like Venus (love) and Mars (desires) in other more compatible signs it can be a very successful match. If not it may be that the Leo finds they need a partner who is more definite about what they want and the Libran finds the Leo too egotistical to remain fun. This relationship will be hard work but if they are prepared to work at it Leos can learn not to take themselves too seriously and Librans can learn that if they don't want their partner be the boss then they have to make some decisions.

Leo and Scorpio

On their first meeting Leos see Scorpios as strong and deep, someone who is mysterious and complicated but at the same time very attractive. Scorpios see Leos as powerful like themselves but in an open way which they find hard to understand. Both signs have a passionate nature so there may be tremendous sexual attraction between them. Like everyone Leos find Scorpios magnetic, enigmatic and compulsive. Scorpios find Leos are extrovert and generous but with hidden insecurities like themselves.

Leos are very open about how they feel whereas Scorpios keep their strong feelings secret as they feel vulnerable if they express them. But the attraction between them and curiosity to know more about someone so similar and yet so different will bring them together. Sexually this is a potent match as both are deeply passionate and enjoy being physical. But their emotional differences will be a big problem because the Leo finds the Scorpio too controlling and the Scorpio finds the Leo doesn't understand their emotional depth. The Leo needs attention from everyone and the Scorpio wants to keep their partner to themselves.

Leos want to be the centre of attention and Scorpios want to possess. This combination will always be difficult but if both have planets like Venus (love), Mars (desires), the Moon (emotions) and Mercury (mentality) in other more compatible signs it can be a successful match. If not it may be that heated arguments take over as they each try to gain control of the other. This relationship will always be difficult but if Leos can learn to understand that Scorpios have insecurities like their own and Scorpios can learn to be less secretive about their feelings it will be well worth it.

Leo and Sagittarius

On their first meeting Sagittarians see Leos as dashing and exciting, someone to explore places and feelings with. Leos see Sagittarians as fellow extroverts who see the world in a grand way, much as they do themselves. Both signs have a fiery passionate nature so there will be an instant sexual attraction between them. Leos will see Sagittarians as lively and popular, someone who has a passion to match their own and Sagittarians find Leos very generous and fun to be with.

Sagittarians are not very good at commitment but because Leos have an excess of self confidence they do not get clingy with a partner who needs plenty of freedom. Both are open about how they feel so this should ensure the relationship is secure. Sexually they are extremely well matched with the Sagittarian adding humour and the Leo expertise. This has the potential for being a perfect match but they both enjoy the company of the opposite sex and the Sagittarian will show their jealousy with sarcastic comments which will unnerve the Leo. Both have fiery tempers and the Leo is very proud but luckily the Sagittarian won't let an argument fester and is willing to be the first to say sorry and make up.

Leos want to be the centre of attention and Sagittarians want to be free. This combination can be one of the best especially if they both have planets like Venus (love) and Mars (desires) in compatible signs. If not it may be that the arguments take over and the relationship turns into a power struggle. However, if they are prepared to work at it Leos can learn to be less socially conscious and Sagittarians can learn to be less concerned about losing their freedom with someone who won't try to smother them.

Leo and Capricorn

On their first meeting Capricorns see Leos as confident, generous and powerful, someone to share success with. Leos see Capricorns as quiet, reserved and alluringly out of reach. Both signs have a passionate nature so there may be some sexual attraction between them but only once they get to know each other. Capricorns will see Leos as extrovert and warm, someone who will liven up their ordered lives. Leos find Capricorns have a frivolous side which occasionally surfaces and helps to build a friendly bond between them.

When attracted to someone Capricorns will not make up their minds quickly and don't enter into relationships easily as they are very cautious until they know where it's heading, to them sex shows commitment and something not to be entered into lightly. To Leos sex is passionate and fun, filled with as much enthusiasm as possible. Unfortunately the unemotional side of the Capricorn will eventually dampen the Leo ardour causing obvious problems. Also, the Leo enjoys the company of the opposite sex which the Capricorn will find impossible to deal with.

Capricorns want to master and Leos want to be the centre of attention. This combination is almost impossible but if both have planets like Venus (love), Mars (desires), the Moon (emotions) and Mercury (mentality) in other more compatible signs this match can work. If not it may be that the Capricorn tries to dominate and control the Leo completely and the Leo will bite back resulting in the relationship turning into a power struggle. This relationship will always be difficult but if they are prepared to work at it Capricorns can learn to be less dominating and more self aware and Leos can learn to appreciate a partner who has their best interest at heart.

Leo and Aquarius

On their first meeting Aquarians see Leos as generous and full of character, someone who may be quite interesting to get to know. Leos see Aquarians as sociable like themselves but with an aloofness they find irresistible. Being opposites there may be an immediate sexual attraction between them. Aquarians find Leos fun to be with mostly because the Leo's ego is an easy target for intellectual games. The Leo will find the Aquarian's cool emotional side a fascinating challenge and will be sure there is a passionate nature hiding underneath.

Although Aquarians don't have the same level of interest in sexual relationships as Leos it is quite likely they will get together out of curiosity more than anything. The Aquarian will find the Leo an enthusiastic lover but the Leo will find the Aquarian lacks the warmth of feeling to maintain the relationship. The Aquarian would prefer a more mentally stimulating partner and will not pander to the Leo's ego. The Leo needs a partner who will let them be the boss and is not content to just be friends.

Aquarians want to be friends with everyone and Leos want to be the centre of attention. This combination will always be difficult but if both have planets like Venus (love), Mars (desires), the Moon (emotions) and Mercury (mentality) in other more compatible signs it can be a successful match. If not it may be that the Aquarian need to have many friends conflicts with the Leo need to receive all the attention. This relationship will be hard work but if the Aquarian can learn to be more giving to their partner and the Leo can learn to share their partner with the world it just might work.

Leo and Pisces

On their first meeting Pisceans see Leos as affectionate and sociable like themselves but also somewhat arrogant. Leos see Pisceans as romantic and extremely attractive with their gentle, dreamy ways. Both signs have a passionate nature so there may be an immediate sexual attraction between them. The Piscean will see the Leo as loveable and generous under their rather loud exterior. The Leo finds the Piscean has an intuitive nature and understands their hidden insecurities which helps to build a friendly bond between them.

Pisceans are careful about expressing their feelings as their emotions are very important to them whereas Leos are very open about how they feel. Sexually they are not very well matched as the Piscean needs to express themselves emotionally involving body, mind and soul. The Leo needs to express their passion and pure physical energy. Their emotional differences will add to the problems because although the Piscean needs a strong partner, which the Leo is, the Leo finds the Piscean too clingy and feels stifled.

Pisceans want to live in a dream world of their own making and Leos want to be the centre of attention. This combination is almost impossible but if both have planets like Venus (love), Mars (desires), the Moon (emotions) and Mercury (mentality) in other more compatible signs this match can work. If not it may be that the Piscean will need constant reassurance which conflicts with the Leo need to receive all the attention. This relationship will always be difficult but if Pisceans can learn to understand how the Leo's ego works and Leos can learn to appreciate a partner who can give them what they need, they may just stand a chance of staying together.

Leo and Aries

On their first meeting Ariens see Leos as glamorous and extrovert, someone to spice up their lives in a big way. Leos see Ariens as hot-headed and reckless, someone they could enjoy taking risks with. Both signs have a fiery passionate nature so there will be an instant sexual attraction between them. Ariens will see Leos as popular and charismatic with enough energy to keep up with them. Leos find Ariens are unstoppable in their quest for the next great adventure which they adore being involved in.

Neither of them ever thinks about commitment but they are both very loving and open about how they feel so this should ensure the relationship is secure. Sexually they are extremely well matched with the Arien providing impulsive passion and the Leo warmth and expertise. This has the potential for being a perfect match but they both want to dominate and be the centre of attention causing regular fiery outbursts of temper. However, despite these problems it is likely that their sex life will be the one thing that keeps the relationship going as it's important to both of them.

Ariens want to be first and Leos want to be the centre of attention. This combination can be one of the best especially if they both have planets like Venus (love) and Mars (desires) in compatible signs. If not it may be that the arguments take over and the relationship turns into a power struggle where no one wins. However, if they are prepared to work at it they can both learn that taking turns at being in charge means that you get the best of both worlds and end up in a very satisfying relationship.

Leo and Taurus

On their first meeting Taureans see Leos as charismatic and extravagant, someone who also enjoys the good things in life. Leos see Taureans as relaxed and pleasure seeking, someone to have a fun and expensive time with. Both signs have a passionate nature so there may be an instant sexual attraction between them. Taureans will find that underneath their huge egos Leos are warm and very generous. Leos will find Taureans are a bit careful and steady but with a sensuality they find hard to resist.

Taureans need a relationship to involve pleasure attached to security with a long term future whereas Leos are looking for passion and love with as much drama as possible to make it exciting. They will definitely give each other a good time in bed but they are ultimately looking for something quite different. The Taurean is looking for a permanent relationship with material comforts and security. The Leo wants a hectic social life filled with glamour and a partner to provide adoring attention. The problems are obvious.

Taureans want to have and Leos want to be the centre of attention. This combination will always be difficult but if both have planets like Venus (love), Mars (desires), the Moon (emotions) and Mercury (mentality) in other more compatible signs it can be a successful match. If not it may be that the Taurean realises they will never be able to possess the Leo who finds a quiet life at home not what they crave for. This relationship will be hard work but if they are prepared to work at it Taureans can learn that enjoying life doesn't just involve the bedroom and Leos can learn that having security in their lives doesn't have to be dull.

Leo and Gemini

On their first meeting Geminis see Leos as sociable and lively, someone who is great fun to flirt with. Leos see Geminis in a similar way and appreciate the boost such an articulate individual gives to their ego. The Leo has a passionate nature and although the Gemini is more interested in talking than anything physical there will be an immediate sexual attraction between them. The Gemini finds the Leo quite vain and easy to tease but not in a malicious way. The Leo adores any type of attention and finds the Gemini an ideal companion.

Although Geminis don't have a strong need for sexual relationships they will get involved out of curiosity whereas for the Leo it will be love. Sexually this is a good match as the Gemini is an imaginative genius in bed and will be spurred on by the Leo's enthusiasm. This relationship will not be without it's problems as the Gemini will not be able to give the Leo the warm affection they desire and the Leo will not be able to keep up with the verbal games the Gemini likes to play.

Geminis need excitement from stimulating conversation and Leos want to be the centre of attention. This combination sounds difficult but if both have planets like Venus (love) and Mars (desires) in other more compatible signs it can be a very successful match. If not it may be that the Gemini finds the Leo too egotistical to remain fun and the Leo finds they need a partner with more physical needs. This relationship will be hard work but if they are prepared to work at it Geminis can learn what love is and Leos can learn to use their heads.

Leo and Cancer

On their first meeting Cancerians see Leos as genuinely confident and sociable unlike themselves, someone to really admire. Leos see Cancerians as extrovert like themselves because they only see the front the Cancerian is hiding behind. Both signs have a passionate nature so there may be an instant sexual attraction between them. The Cancerian will see the Leo is loving and strong under their rather arrogant exterior. The Leo finds the Cancerian is really sensitive and gentle in a very attractive way.

Cancerians normally keep their true feelings to themselves but because Leos are very open about how they feel the chance of them being hurt by rejection is small. Sexually they are quite well matched as the Cancerian is loving and giving and the Leo likes as much attention and praise as they can get. Cancerians need constant reassurance from their partner which may be in short supply as although the Leo is very loving they can be too self interested to notice their partner needs attention too. Because of this the Cancerian may become moody causing the Leo to look elsewhere for a boost to their ego.

Cancerians want security and Leos want to be the centre of attention.. This combination sounds difficult but if both have planets like Venus (love) and Mars (desires) in other more compatible signs it can be a very successful match. If not it may be that the Cancerian gets too clingy and the Leo starts to think they may have made a wrong choice of partner. This relationship will be hard work but if Cancerians can learn that Leos need reassurance too and Leos can learn to appreciate a truly loving partner they stand a good chance of staying together.


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Leo in relationship and sex

The gambling instinct is inherent in all Leo natives and this will also apply to their attitude regarding affairs of the heart. These are individuals who tend to take risks and, sometimes, they will make mistakes. Indeed, many Leo subjects marry more than once. Being a Sign governed by the Element of Fire and ruled by the brazen Sun, the glorious optimism and warmth of Leo attracts similar type partners. When young, this Sign has no time or patience for the more timid sweetheart and those ruled by Leo will spend a great deal of time juggling with romantic prospects. Leo wants a partner of whom he or she can be proud. Thus, these natives are prone to fall in love with someone they admire. No sacrifice in the name of love is too great for Leo individuals but, once the loving has stopped, then any partner will need to beware since this Sign can be totally unforgiving once crossed. This may sound rather terrible but, in truth, it is not. Leo subjects are proud and sunny souls who radiate warmth and happiness, but they are often not sufficiently subtle to suspect the presence of unhappiness in those who are close to them. In short, they frequently fail to realize that all is not well in a relationship.

Leo natives are warm and supportive souls whose affections will continue to grow stronger the more they feel their partners care about them. Dramatically romantic, these natives are unafraid of romantic displays. However, since it is inherent in the Leo nature to judge self worth on what surrounds them, these subjects may be somewhat cricital of a partner's qualities, talents or appearance. While the personal values of Leo individuals will provide great self-confidence, these natives are continually disappointed in the actions and motives of others. Thus, they are somewhat destined to be disappointed in love at least once during a lifetime. Therefore, in matters of the heart, Leo subjects should be careful to exercise the greatest care and prudence in the selection of a life partner since any mistake in this area could mean the unhappiness of a lifetime. Any marriage while this native is still young...or one taken in a hasty inadvisable. Indeed, any form of long-term relationship should not be entered into by the Leo individual until he or she is well-settled in life and then only with a partner who is on an equal plane...both socially and intellectually. Nonetheless, that having been said, a Leo native will always come up fighting.

In brief summary, any relationship with the daring yet devoted Leo native will rarely prove to be dull. There is a need here for the Leo partner to be be lavished with attention, but he or she will reward any mate with riches in return. A slow and smouldering union which leads to mutual bliss is probably most desired by Leo individuals and they require a partner who can keep up with them and match their wits. That being absent, the risk of boredom and flight is great, since Leo has very high expectations. A partner who can understand and indluge the need of Leo to be the center of attention will be the one to stay the course and the ideal soul mate must understand the pleasure principle, being prepared to work hard to keep this Leo subject satisfied. In short, a Leo partner is rather high maintenance. He or she craves attention, nurturing and pampering. A mate has to not only be personally strong in himself or herself to enhance the partnership, but must also be willing to occasionally stand in Leo's shadow. Leo individuals will protect those they love to the very death and will be both generous and expressive in a long term union...provided that union is constantly stoked and fed. At their best, Leo partners are protective, adoring, playful, inventive, generous, supportive, sensual, warm and joyful. At worse, they are possessive, jealous, controlling, cold, cruel, selfish, egotistical and self-serving.

Leo and Aries
This is usually a marvellous combination. With both sides being emotional in their make-up, Leo will "lionize" an Aries partner. This is particularly true if Aries will allow Leo to hold the center of the floor on occasions. However, sharing the limelight on the part of Leo is also important, since Aries too will feel the need to be "on stage" every once in a while. There is little doubt that within the "den of the lion," the Aries mate will find a welcome home. The sexual compatability here could be legendary and infidelity kept to a minimum...possibly even eliminated altogether. This is because each will probably strive find what he or she wants from the other and there will be no physical compulsion to stray. Leo admires the aggressive tendencies of fiery contemporaries and since this is exactly what Aries subjects are are made of, it can be an ideal union.

Both individuals here have egos to burn and both like to lead. Aggressive Aries would never dream of taking second place and kingly Leo requires constant admiration. However, this partnership can work if Leo is allowed to "play emperor" and Aries is allowed to "play general." The trick is for neither to take the other all that seriously.

In terms of sexual compatability, this is a fine combustible match since both are fiery and romantic individuals. Aries is optimistic and open to life...Leo is generous and good-hearted. If neither tries to deflate the other and, if each can give room for compromise in the area of domination, then this should be an extremely happy combination.

Leo and Taurus
When Leo passion meets Taurus sensuality, there is often a volcanic physical attraction as each tests the strength of the other. Both signs are lovers of beauty and comfort, possessing high ideas, fidelity and a love of good food and other words, both crave the best life has to offer. Given the money-management abilities inherent in the Taurus nature, this union could lead to a most royal lifestyle. However, tension between these two Fixed Signs is usually inevitable and Leo may play a dangerous game within this combination by denying his or her Taurus partner affection or sex. The focus in this match should concentrate on building emotional security and avoiding no-win emotional showdowns if it is to succeed. It is necessary for Leo to curb the tendency to give "regal commands" and learn to coax rather than order. The extravagance of the Leo nature and the possessiveness of the Taurus character often turn into bones of contention. All too often, Taurus quickly tires of the Leo craving for publicity, while Leo begins to wish that Taurus was not quite so conservative and uptight. Once arguments begin between Taurus and Leo, they can continue indefinitely since both will be stubborn and reluctant to give way. Nonehteless, both are serious workers and will probably have great respect for each other in that regard...but might not respect the way in which the other goes about his or her work.

In the long run, if this combination is to maintain, then the focus must be on similarities. As has been already mentioned, both of these signs are extraordinarily stubborn and need to cultivate flexibility. They must find something that both believe in together, so that each can stretch, grow and thrive. However, given that Taurus and Leo are intensely loyal and powerful signs, romance can follow suit, particularly when there is a common goal.

Leo and Gemini
Since Leo loves first with the heart and Gemini with the mind, this combination will soon find out that they are probably totally unsuited to each other. On the surface, there is likely to be great deal of mutual attraction. However, before much time passes, the passionate Leo is sure to clash with the unreasonable Gemini, who will undoubtedly complain that the Leo nature is too material, too possessive and far too demanding. Nevertheless, despite these drawbacks, there is reason for optimism regarding this pairing. If Leo is able to understand that Gemini may not always be around to provide the attention upon which this sign thrives...and Gemini can understand Leo's need to run the world...then this mixture of air and fire can prove to be a good one.

Not altogether a bad blend, the Gemini/Leo combination can complement one another. Generous Leo is usually willing to bend in whatever direction is needed...provided flattery leads the way...and both individuals possess a somewhat childlike, playful and fun-loving side which surfaces easily when they are together. There is also a mutual appreciation of drama and color, and each finds the other to be delightful and interesting in many areas. Nevertheless, Leo will invariably have difficulty in completely comprehending Gemini's desire for novelty, since it is inherent in the Leo character to make a committment and keep to it. In addition, Leo is a very proud sign with a sensitive ego and Gemini can be a merciless teaser, frequently not taking Leo seriously enough. On the Gemini side, Leo will most probably demand more adoration than Gemini is willing to give. Thus, though not necessarily the best blend in a romantic sense, the Gemini/Leo combination usually makes for an excellent friendship and will be an affectionate pairing between two people who truly enjoy each other's company and have many wonderful times together.

Leo and Cancer
In this combination, since Cancer desperately needs to be needed, Leo will find it easy to satisfy this need. In short, when a Leo native loves, then a Leo native cherishes. The Cancer individual's desire for sympathy, tenderness and emotional support can also be provided by the loving and warm-hearted Leo partner. However, Cancer's moodiness can present a problem in this pairing. Leo is positive and outgoing, generally an "up" personality...unless there has been a major affront to the inherent Leo pride. Thus, for this relationship to work, Leo must be given recognition, respect and appreciation. Since Cancer is not prone to be demonstrative, this could become a bone of contention between the two. That having been said, Cancer does have good intuition and will doubtless sense when things are not quite as they should be in the relationship. This will work well for Leo, since the Leo pride makes no allowances for weakness and tends to say nothing when matters are not going well.

Although this is a combination of vastly different temperaments, there is a good possibility for true caring within this mix. Both partners take life very personally...perhaps more personally than either might realize. This could be an unusually warm and loving bond. Leo is more dominant and will alsmost certainly take the lead in any relationship...which will be just fine with Cancer. When this is indeed a love match, then both partners will understand and know how to satisfy the basic emotional needs within one another. Each individual will require dedication and tender loving care, but while Cancer seeks stability and emotional harmony, Leo craves heartfelt compliments and sincere admiration. Both are fiercely loyal Signs, even to the point of possessiveness...Cancer for the sake of safety and Leo for the sake of self-confidence. However, each partner will be committed to an enduring and rewarding relationship and since the desires of both are similar, each could fill a very important void in the life of the other.

In short, this is rather favorable match, given that both are lovers of comfort and security, coupled with a mutual preference for the grand scale. In addition, both will enjoy having a lovely home and close-knit family. Leo is certain to bring flair and passion to this combination, while Cancer will undoubtedly display a sensitive and intense instinct to nurture. However, it is a "given" that the Leo partner will always be the bigger and bolder individual due to his or her vivid personality. Because both Signs here are so strong-minded, this pair must work constantly and attentively toward understanding and acceptance. Both of these individuals are inclined to take charge and many disputes may arise because of this. Nonetheless, as long as each is willing to reassure the other in practical and romantic ways of the importance of the relationship, then a happy medium can often be attained within this combination.

Leo and Leo
Since Leo is inherently a Sign with a strong and dominating character, this combination would probably not get along so well as others whose Signs are identical. Both partners here are rather inflexible which is almost sure to result in trouble. The male Leo will want to assume the role of leader, but will have to battle with the female Leo for this right since she will also wish to lead. In short, both partners will strive to be the "boss" in this relationship. It will be very difficult for this female to take orders from the male and vice versa. Thus, an already tense situation is certain to be aggravated even further. A career will also be very important to both and this could lead to competition between the pair. Since the male Leo tends to prefer his mate to be rather "girlie," this desire for a career could make him view the Leo female as being slightly unnatural.

Although there is no Sign of the Zodiac as warm-hearted and giving as Leo, these natives will always yearn to be the center of attention...but there can only be one center. Nonetheless, since a Leo individual tends to love with all of his or her heart, this trait could go far in overcoming some of the worse aspects associated with this Leo/Leo combination. The love of "show" will likely result in a home which is akin to a showplace for friends and family to admire, but since these natives generally gamble with life and enterprises, the monetary affairs of this union is apt to be unstable to say the least. Thus, perhaps the desire for both partners to have a career is a necessary component for a successful partners standing a chance of continuing to pay the bills in the event the other partners fails.

This Sign is associated with a strong sex drive and thus, both partners here will be compatible. However, this could lead to an overactive sex life which may branch out into somewhat perverse directions...totally devoid of love unless checked and kept within bounds. In short, this combination can result in an intense relationship driven by lifelong love or lifelong hate.

Leo and Virgo
In general, Virgo natives are not attracted to Leo subjects. There may well be an intial attraction on the part of Leo due to an unfilled need for constant flattery which caused the Leo individual in question a rare moment of feeling inferior. Virgo may have viewed the crestfallen expression of Leo as that of a soul in trouble and, since Virgo is the helpful Sign, would have been most eager to provide aid, not expecting to see a totally different person once the Leo native had regained his or her self-confidence. The Virgo partner will be thrifty with money, whereas Leo is much more generous and the differences here regarding finances will include a vast array of things...everything from planning a budget to putting money away for the future.

Leo individuals tend to live for the moment while Virgo exists in the mental world of the future. Thus, these two differing opinions is sure to be the cause of much tension. Critical Virgo is likely to make cutting remarks which will deeply wound the Leo partner, particularly if the Virgo individual is displeased regarding some type of extravagence on the part of the Leo native. Unlike Leo, Virgo subjects consider recreational pursuits to be a waste of time...time which could be much better spent in reviewing plans for the future...but Leo natives would rather be engaging in fun activities (hosting a party or going out with friends, for example). Thus, the attitude of both partners in this respect will go far in breaking up the relationship. The fiery sexuality of Leo here will fail to be matched by Virgo since Virgo is rather easily satisfied and has no need for games or fantasies. Approach to the earning power of each may also be a source of irritation to the Virgo partner, being a Sign which can work long and hard hours barely making a living while waiting for one of Leo's wild schemes to pay off. In short, the Leo/Virgo relationship will be a shaky one at best and unlikely to maintain unless tolerance is the main ingredient of the union.

Leo and Libra
Both Leo and Libra are exceptionally warm characters, but the compatibility here seems to be lacking. Leo enjoys a good fight and any arguing match will doubtless help this individual to "clear the air." However, such disputes are perceived threatening to the peace-loving and harmonious Libra native. Any attempts on the part of Libra to discuss differences in a calm manner will be met with Leo's fiery temper...something the Libra partner will find ugly, unbalanced and uncongenial. Leo subjects are prone to delay facing any decision-making unless it involves a pressing concern and the Libra native will likely perceive this attitude as being irresponsible and unloving. Thus, even more friction is provoked.

Those governed by Libra tend to worry about a loss of youth and personal attractiveness. Therefore, they are prone to flirt with members of the opposite sex...usually for reassurance when a positive response is received. Such behavior provokes a strongly possessive and jealous streak in the Leo partner, who will doubtless horrify the Libra native in question with violent outbursts of temper regarding what Libra considers to be "harmless" actions. Both partners are likely to be "on-again off-again" workers, each spending a great deal of time simply "lazing around" and doing nothing. However, since neither partner is likely to realize this as a personal trait, the end result is often a hurling of insults regarding the other's laziness.

In terms of sexual desire, the tastes here are rather similar. Libra needs glamor and fantasy, looking to his or her mate to supply such and, if this need is not met, then the Libra partner will probably go in search of someone new. The Leo approach to sex could be a straight-forward and direct one which, with a different partner, might well result in a trip within the realm of fantasy, but with Libra, this is unlikely to come to fruition given the many hours this couple will spend arguing and bickering. In short, this is not a promising combination of Signs in terms of a romantic union and indeed, may even produce the kind of situation which brings about spousal abuse.

Leo and Scopio
Scorpio natives are prone to dissect everyone and everything which happens to fall under their watchful eyes. However, in this combination, the Scorpio subject is likely to be highly insulted should the Leo partner attempt to do the same thing. Leo individuals have an open manner of speaking but seldom reveal everything about themselves. They like to hold back certain things which results in the Scorpio partner becoming indignant...although he or she will be equally as secretive (or even more so) and refuse to fully open up under any circumstances. In essence, those ruled by Scorpio have a difficult time in finding a suitable partner from any Zodiac Sign due to the overly-demanding and overbearing ways which are inherent in these natives.

Scorpio expects total obedience and an absorbtion in his or her work and life...often to the suppression of Leo's personal desires. This leads to the Leo partner experiencing much unhappiness and bitterness. Scorpio will doubtless dictate to Leo how the money may be spent, but will have no qualms in spending for thing that are personally wanted. It is indeed true that Leo is somewhat notorious for being extravagent, but Scorpio will demand that any such spending first be "cleared" with him or her. The sexual appetites of Scorpio are somewhat infamous for being overactive, so this aspect of the relationship may compensate the Leo partner for many other things, but this is also an area where the Leo partner is likely to be expected to give way to the wishes of Scorpio and, when it is noticed by the Leo partner that Scorpio is reluctant to reciprocate, Leo will doubtless begin to feel hurt and rejected. In short, this will be a rather storm-tossed union at best.

Leo and Sagittarius
Natives of both Leo and Sagittarius are blessed with the same warm, generous and loving characteristics, but Leo will need to learn that Sagittarius "gives" to everyone with no one person capturing his or her exclusive attention for very long. In short, the Leo partner could very easily end up with a broken heart from this union. Sagittarius is apt to come up with some wild ideas or huge gamble with a view to making a great deal of money and will doubtless entice Leo's support in this endeavor. However, should everything fall through or losses prevail, although the Sagittarius partner will be grateful for the love and support offered by Leo, it is inherent in the Sagittarius nature to make the Leo partner also share in the blame for such failure.

Sagittarius individuals must have "space" in order to exercise the personal freedom which is so loved by this Sign. These natives simply fail to understand why the Leo partner is prone to engage in fits of jealousy over what are personally perceived to be "harmless flirtations." However, paradoxically, the Sagittarius subject will be very possessive of the Leo partner. Despite being an individual who is fond of the outdoors and something of a sports enthusiast, the Sagittarius partner will not mind if Leo prefers to remain at home in comfort...provided they can come to an agreement on other recreational pursuits to be undertaken together. If the Leo partner here can refrain from trying to "tame" the Sagittarius native and does not condemn and/or argue over the sexual indiscretions that might be committed, then the Sagittarius partner may someday decide that there is no reason to look elsewhere for the satisfaction that can be found at home. The Leo/Sagittarius union does have the potential to be a rewarding long as the love and desire is there.

Leo and Capricorn
In areas of everyday life, there could not be two different personalities than those of Leo and Capricorn. Leo loves clothes, the very best furniture and is constantly seeking the status symbols of life. Capricorn could truly not care less about such things, finding the simple life much more attractive and believing that to save for the future is of paramount importance. The style of "show" inherent in the Leo character will make the simplest of outings appear to the more thrifty Capricon partner as though it cost a fortune...and this will likely be the major source of woes associated with this union.

Natives of Capricorn experience periods of wanting to be alone, particularly when he or she feels under too much pressure, or the arguments become too intense. Under such circumstances, it is not unusual for these subjects to disappear for days, leaving the Leo partner to conduct a panicked and worried search. Meanwhile, the Capricorn individual will likely be totally unconcerned regarding the furor he or she has caused and too many of such vanishing episodes will doubtless eventually wreck the nerves of the highly-strung Leo individual. Capricorn individuals find it difficult to ever see the "brighter side" of life, whereas Leo natives are basically "cock-eyed optimists." Thus, this combination of Signs could well be at odds over even the most minor of things. In terms of sexual compatibility, Leo approaches sex in a rather light-hearted and fun-loving manner, whereas Capricorn is straightlaced and serious. Over time, the Capricorn partner may loosen up somewhat in this area, but that is by no means a certainty. Capricorn consider the Leo desire for intimacy to be rather overindulgent...something such natives may find irritating since it is inherent in this Sign to believe in moderation of all things.

Leo and Aquarius
The inherent aloof nature of Aquarius will probably present a challenge to the Leo native here, and may possibly be the "drawing card" which first brings this couple together since Leo is sure to believe that the Aquarius individual is truly quite warm-hearted despite that "frosty" exterior. In truth, for this relationship to work, Leo will have to learn and accept that the Aquarius partner will never be as warm-hearted and generous with self as Leo would like or expect. Both of these subjects are proud individuals with fixed opinions. Thus, there are likely to be many arguments. Being a humanitarian, Aquarius subjects are not overly interested in material gain, whereas Leo natives strive for success in financial matters and have little patience for Aquarius ideals...ideals which Leo considers to be unrealistic.

The lower type of Aquarius native is apt to be rather cowardly in life and will never confront anything, excepting violent quarrels with his or her spouse. The second this cowardice is noticed by the Leo partner, there is sure to be a loss of respect which will send the Leo partner out of the relationship in search of a mate he or she can respect. In terms of sexual compatability, this is likely to be rather unsatisfactory for the Leo partner. Aquarius natives can...and will...find others who capture their interests, leaving Leo frustrated, regarding the Aquarius partner as an inhuman and uncaring soul.

Leo and Pices
Pisces natives tend to give the impression that they need to be protected or "mothered" and this could be the initial attraction for Leo individuals. However, Leo is sure to get a big surprise when the Pisces partner suddenly becomes positive and takes any actions necessary on his or her own behalf. If Leo should persist with the union and become involved in a long-term relationship, this can lead to drastic effects on the Leo partner since Leo natives always like to know exactly where they stand in any situation. Both partners here will be vain individuals and share in the love of extravagant clothing...but that is about as far as the sharing will go.

Those governed by Pisces are generous with love and affection but, on occasion, may tune-out the Leo partner and retreat into a small and quiet world where personal problems can be resolved and solitary decisions be made. Under such circumstances, the Leo partner is likely to feel puzzled, hurt, left out and frustrated at such treatment. Thus, it is inherent in the Leo nature to indulge wholeheartedly in a round of parties and friends in an effort to combat such feelings. This may result in a Pisces partner who is perplexed and irritated at the Leo reaction. However, at the end of day, it is the Leo native who will be deeply hurt and possibly even a nervous wreck, since the ability of Pisces to employ this Sign's infamous intuition can disconcert the Leo partner and Leo will have no personal secrets he or she has not shared with this Pisces partner. The sexual relationship here could be the thing to make or break this union. Both partners will be highly-sexed and enjoy the romantic times spent together. In order to keep Leo happy, the Pisces partner must learn to control the inherent changeable moods and keep such moods separate from the lovelife. If the Leo native is able to accept an individual governed by a somewhat weaker Sign as a partner, then this relationship could work out rather well...but the Leo/Pisces combination will never be one of the strongest unions.

When it comes to matrimony, Leo individuals are probably most in tune with those
signs which also fall under the jurisdiction of the Element of Fire...namely Aries and
Sagittarius. Sagittarius would provide humanity and understanding to the partnership
coupled with a restless and go-ahead quality which strongly appeals to Leo. This is a
combination which would probably engage in many fights but the individual tastes are
truly not very far apart and the Sagittarius view of life in general conincides to a
high degree with that of Leo. Aries could provide much "go" and ambition to a
partnership with Leo...qualities which Leo greatly admires. The aims in life here are
likely to be exceedingly compatible, as are the methods for achieving those goals. On
the whole, the Leo/Aries combination would be a happy one...although two such
strong-minded types are sure to fight on occasion. Other suitable but less favorable
matches include Gemini and Libra.

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Leo in relationships

Leo in Relationships

Personal charm and physical magnetism make you the centre of attention, which of course is very much to your satisfaction... An ardent lover, your enthusiasm and passion must be returned in equal measure, or you may become bored and dissatisfied with your wimpy partner. A weak partner invites you to completely dominate the scene, a situation which is less than ideal for both parties. In every case you need to keep your ego under control, even when surrounded by admirers and sycophants.

Leo, a masculine sign, is self-sufficient, confident and tends to bravado. Most of you fabulous cats have a positive attitude to love and sex, but there are those among you who suffer excruciating pangs of anxiety in relationship.

Why, you ask? Well, simply put, it is fear that the reality may not live up to the unduly grandiose image that you seek to present to the world. Sexual anxiety may become so intense in some cases as to generate frigidity or impotence. So in a relationship, Leo loves to be the central, pivotal point around which all things revolve. A romantic and a dreamer, you make your dreams come true because you have strength, determination and a blithe faith in yourself - a faith which can overcome obstacles with that characteristic ease which seems so remarkable to more introverted souls.

Some Leos can find themselves clinging to bad relationships or mistaken beliefs, because their egos simply will not allow them to admit to being wrong. However, such typical tenacity becomes an asset when shown as loyalty to friends, or as patience and determination to succeed.

Leo's emblem is the noble Lion. This dignified king of the jungle symbolises the regal disposition of the Leo personality. However, standing on your pride when insulted or abused, you rarely forget a slight (unless of course your detractors sincerely, humbly and grovellingly crave forgiveness, whereupon you may magnanimously deign to pardon the miserable creatures). It must, moreover, be said that you are quite forthright in your opinions, which themselves need have no close relationship with the facts - and you certainly like to have the last word in any discussion.

In the art of lovemaking, Leo is ardent and willing, although not necessarily particularly creative. Your performance is usually considered by you to be generally excellent, but a worthy partner (who has a little more slyness and cunning than you would ever stoop to) can improve the quality and variety of your lovelife by smoothly introducing new ideas without seeming to ruffle your pride.

Leo the Lion, by Boris Vallejo
By permission. Copyright Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell


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Leo personality traits

Leo personality traits I

Leos need to fill their days with whatever activity fulfills them. When they have wasted moments, they can suffer greatly from it. Needing control in their lives, they are masters at organization. One of their worst faults is assuming they know best on all matters. Creative energy is there from birth and must be used. Otherwise a Leo personality may become insecure with themselves.

Eager to help others, they have to beware the tendency to take over the life of the one they are assisting if both parties are not careful. They can be extremely dogmatic and because of this need to cultivate in their lives flexible minds and respect for others ideas. Leos try to live life to the fullest but live it hard.

Generous and warm hearted to those they care for, they make good friends as long as boundaries are established. Domination of partners is possible and must not be underestimated even though it may be well meant. Thinking they have their partners good at heart, they may persist in pushing their lover into their way of thinking. Leos should not always be allowed that much a position of power.

Criticism is not easy for a Leo to take. It hits the root of their soul hurting them to the core. Others should be careful how they try to educate Leos to new and better things. Keeping off the Leo toes is advisable.

In careers, Leos need to be emotionally involved in order to be fulfilled. Their creative energy, organizational skills and a natural sense of drama should be used in finding a career. Theater or anything associated with luxury and fame are good jobs for this enthusiastic person. Anything that puts them on stage is a good career choice. They make excellent employers because of their inherent leadership qualities. Because they hate second rate or low standard quality, they usually take care of their employers quite well. They try to give their best and feel all others associated with them should do the same. Not over fond of change, they tend to examine anything before they try it.

On the health front, if a Leo has stress in their life, then they can expect their usual vitality to be less than they like. They need exercise to keep their back strong. Eating the right heart healthy foods is suggested.

Leo Keywords it rules

Leo personality traits II

Leo, symbolized by the Lion, is a Fixed Fire sign. Ruled by the Sun, Leo radiates warmth, enthusiasm, confidence and power. Very dramatic, Leos love to be the center of attention. Their magnetic personality makes it easy for them to create an impression. Like the lion, Leo is proud, dignified, courageous, fearless and strong born leaders. This, combined with their ambition and creativity, allows them to accomplish great things. Leo can be overbearing and stubborn.

Symbol: The Lion
Element: Fire
Modality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Sun
Ruling House: Fifth
Key Phrase: I will
Keyword: Magnetism

Positive Characteristics:

Negative Characteristics:
Status conscious
Fears ridicule


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