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Anything and Whatever

The launch of 2 randomly flavored drink under the brand 'Anything' for the carbonated side and 'Whatever' for the non-carbonated side really rocked Singapore.

Thanks to their phenominally successful TV commercials.

Apparently the two TV commercials was produced and directed by a Thai production house with very Thai sense of humor. Also the cast are all Thais with clear Thai accent... lol

As a Thai viewer in Singapore, I found these two TVCs the ultimate portrayal of so-called 'talok baeb baan baan'. I couldn't wait to download the making of the TVCs from the company's web site to see who was behind them.
Check this out yourself. Do you know this guy? ;) //

I uploaded the two clips to Yahoo! video. Posted them here as well for quick viewing.



The Making of Anything and Whatever


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Part-time Lovers

Do not Disturb, my all time favorite local drama series

Behind the walls of Hotel 81, a couple delves into a so-called 'lunch-time relationship'.
Taking a peek to the emotional journey of these two colleagues and secret lovers and how they strive against desire and responsibilities. 'Do Not Disturb' is a drama that breaks all the grounds of what a Singapore made drama series can be. Starring mesmerising Andrea de Cruz and wacky Adrian Pang.


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