Ispahan & Passion Fruit Macaron
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Lychee Macaron
Another batch of my macaron

This one is better than my blue rose you can see, the macaron shell is smooth and nice...I always use the same recipe that I posted in blue rose macaron to make macaron shell. This is another successful batch. There is a few batch that I do and turn out so wrong, but those who didn't get it right yet don't give up...keep practicing :)

During resting should be rest for about 2-3 hours with fan or 1-1.30 hours with A/C. As long as the outer layer form a skin and it's dry enough for you to be able to touch without ruining it. This is very important, without resting...not only it will crack but there will be little to no feet form.

TAAA DAAA....hope you enjoy

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Blue Rose Macaron
Since I've been doing alot of dessert and cake recently, I've quite alot of egg white siiting in my fridge for almost a week now. It's about time to get rid of it....what else could I have baked except MACARON. The main ingredient in Macaron is of course Egg white, Almond Powder, and Icing Sugar. 

Macaron is a delicate French cookie, over-mix would result in runny, flat, and feet-less macaron...but under-mix would result in fat, peaky, and ugly macaron. Macaron have a reputation for being difficult to make. For me I've done alot successful of batches of macaron, also several times I've failed. 

Today is my lucky day, my macaron came out quite well. However, there is bitsy tiny problem. After I sifted my almond powder, there was some big piece of almond powder left. I was suppose to grind it but as I'm lazy (hahaha) so I just put it back to my mixture, so my macaron shell is not that smooth.

If the almond powder is grind properly, there is will no tiny bump of the macaron shell like mine. Practice make perfect, that apply to making macaron. For those who can't make a good macaron yet, keep practicing!

Here is the recipe for Macaron shell:

Almond Powder 120g
Pure Icing Sugar 220g
Egg white 100g
Sugar 30g
Cream of Tar Tar  a pinch
Food color can be gel or water

- Sifted almond powder and Icing Sugar Together (if any almond powder that doesn't pass your sifter, grind it and sift it again)
- mix sugar and cream of tar tar
- Whisk the egg white until foamy (medium speed), start adding sugar slowly (1 tsp at a time) till finish
- cont. whisking the egg white until soft peak, add in food color and cont. to whisk until stiff peak
- Fold the egg white into almond powder mixture, fold until you get the lava like batter
- Pipe you macaron batter on the baking sheet or silicone pad
- rest it, for 2-3 hours
- Bake at 140c for 13 min. (flip your tray at about 6 min and cont. to bake another 7 min. or until cooked)

* Resting is important! you wanna rest it to make the dry the outter layer skin of macaron batter, so when you bake the macaron won't crack and the feet will form.

And it's BAKING TIME!!!!

And after filling with my ROSE BUTTER can fill with Butter cream, jam, chocolate ganache,....just anything you like

Here my macaron that is just finished, my buttercream is kindda melted at the time. 

Macaron will be ready to eat after 24 hours of refrigerating. The liquid inside your filling will mature the macaron and make it taste like what it suppose to. So enjoy and remember, keep practing :D 

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