Homemade Yogurt
I've always been concern with what I ate. Yogurt is one of the thing that I believe it have the benefit to our body.

I fed my 2 kids with yogurt and banana or mix fruits every morning since they were 6 months old up until now. As you may know, yogurt is good for your digestive system and alsohelp immunity and offer protection from certain infections.

After a several year of buying commercial yogurt for my kids to eat every day. I've decided to try a homemade yogurt, as it's healthier and contain no sugar.

Start with heating you milk to 185F with low heat. Then when the milk reached that temperature, reduce the milk to 117F by (ice bath)putting the milk pot into the ice water. Then add yogurt starter into the milk using 1 tsp to 1 cup of milk, you can get the commercial yogurt but make sure you get the one with live culture in it. As I make mine with 2 cups of milk so I stir in 2 tsp of commercial yogurt inside the milk. Put your milk into the yogurt machine toincubate for about 4-7hours, it's depends on how you like your yogurt to taste like the more you incubate the more it gets sour. For me as I don't have the yogurt machine I incubated mine in the oven. Try to maintain thetemperature between 105F-115F, the temperature can't get any lower or higher than this. If the temperature is lower than 105F the lactobacillus won't grow properly, but if thetemperature get higher than 115F the bacteria will get kill. After you finished incubating the yogurt texture should be firm, put the yogurt in the fridge for 6-7hours before enjoying it.

I read from another blog, you can add in 1/2 tsp of gelatine to 2 cups of yogurt it wouldproduce smoother and better texture. To add the gelatine to your yogurt; sparkling the gelatine into the milk (wait for the gelatine to bloom for a while) then heat the milk up and stir until it dissolve, then continue to cool down your milk to 117F then add in the yogurt starter.

I've never try making yogurt adding gelatine before, but I sure will give it a try next time I make it.

Hope you enjoy the post, and I'll be posting more of the healthy food :)

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