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Work and Travel part II : Life-Guard need assistance

Tody i have to type in Eng cuz it's has a lil bit problem with my pcnotebook

To be a Life-Guard here not so easy as Acadex officer has told, After pass the swimming examination we have to take a Life-Guard course for 3 day. We learned hoe to CPR & Rescue Breathing and how to manage in emergency situation.

After three days of Life-guard traing pass, all i got is
1. my skin getting darker (Sunscreen dose not help anything)
2. my body getting fatter (more times in the pool, more foods i have)
3. Life-Guard Licence for 1 year
4. I can help drownig people... WOW!!!

Today i'm off ,
Last night had a bit prob with room assignment
at 1 am all Thai students came to the orientation room and make reservation for thier room again
The prob was there're boys ang girls stay together, someone came into the girls room (we have 3 peeps in the room) ,so another girls in the room lost their privacy

Moreover, students who arrive later want to stay togerther.... what a Thai Student!!! Oh GOD they don't wanna accept any new friends???
such a stupid thing...

Oh i gatta go now

I really miss my family.

Daddy, if you read this massage i hope you to kno that i love you so much, everything you tought me is really useful

To Mommy, I found new friends, she's older than me about 2-3 years she's like you, when i talk to her i feel you inside, don't worry about me i can take care myself i wash my clothes and i cook my meals, so everything you worried is fine, i'm okay and happy here so much

P' Kung, who gonna talk to you when i'm here, plz don't spend to much in nightlife, i'm so worry about you, if you have something to ask just e-mail to me, I LOVE YOU BRO!!

My all aunts i'm a good niece (ei ei) don't ya worry naka
sorry to e-mail late but i never foget about how you love me

My grandma & grandpa i love you i miss you, i'm apologise that cannot spend summer time to chill chill with you. God bless you!

i'll tell you more exciting stories next time.
(and pictures too..)

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nice diary...


take care

take care nakrub

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Hi there,

Just dropping to say hello.

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