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Smiley28 years on the way of your life, sometime alone, hungry, want someone to hug, want someone to touch your hand and pull you softly to make you stand up

Smiley28 years that you pass many things in your life, good things that can make you smile, laugh, you want to share that happy feeling with someone

Smiley28 years that you pass many bad things, make you cry like a child, cry until you cannot see anything because of tears close your eyes, some bad thing make your heart no more feeling, hurt until dont know what should do next, feel very suffer, seem like everything no meaning, nothing can make you feel better, feel like you are alone.

Smiley28 years that you be with this all, 28 years that your shadow only alone, 28 years that you never get something from the thing that you do for many people.

Smiley28 years pass, keep 28 years memory all bad and good memory in the box. I dont know everything that you pass until 28 years; I just know something that you told me only, But thats not the important point because we cannot go back and change anything in the past. The things that pass, it pass already. Lets something or someone that hurt you, make you suffer, make you pain that hurt blow like a wind, lets it blow.

SmileyToday is August 15, 2009, time is 1.46 a.m. I write this all thing for you and want you to know in this time that you sleep, still have one girl miss you and try to make your heart more peace. I dont know how can I help you now, I just can only encourage and cheer you up. But I promise I will quickly find a job. Work hard to help you to solve the problem. All the thing that you give to me , your heart, your help, your feeling and anything, I will give you back by my love, my heart, my soul, anything that I can help you, I will do without hesitate and also one promising that I will be with you until my heart stop working, until I die , I want you to trust me , believe in my love for you, my love for you very strong and stable.

SmileySmileySomeone that dont know we, they will say what they want to say. Only us that know how much we love each other. No need to afraid anything, anyone that make you feel not be confident in our love. Just trust me, believe in me, prepare your shoes, hold my hand, stand up and walk beside each other to our dream.Smiley

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