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7 Days means Forever

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♡ 愛 ♡~

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。7 Days means Forever ♡ .:*・❀●•♪.。

July 26, 2009 - August 2 , 2009 , many things make our love grow up. 7 days that we be together almost a time, eat together, laugh, smile, sit and sleep near near, hug tight tight. All 7 days that our breath can connect with each other. Where u are, i also there, When i cry, u also cry, When i laugh, u also laugh, When u hurt, i also hurt.

The first time that i know u , i never think that our love will can grow up a lot like thisSmiley

♥♡ じ☆ve【 7七 days that we be together, make me know many things.】

一One..i know u more better, know what kind of people u are and that make me love u more and more...

二Two..i know how much u love me and know u try to do many thing for me and that make me love u more and more...

三Three..i know for me u can be hard by urself but will not let me hard..everything that u can do to make me happy..u will do - everything that u can do to make me can smile..u will do..and this make me want to tell u something.."I can be hard for u .. i also love u..why i cannot do something hard for u..let me take care u..i want to take care u, u work very hard already , let i be there for u , let i be there to love and take care u...

未来的每一天 不管发生什么


我要永远陪着你 守护着你直到最后

四Four..i just know after i be with u that before i meet u, i feel lonely cuz when i know and be with u, u can fullfil all thing that i never know that i lost it. and that make me want u to be near me because i know that u also feel lonely ,sometime in ur life u feel very hard and want someone to be with u but u don't have a chance and time to find that one...but worry cuz now i come to ur life already..i will be that one who be with u, i don't want to let any minute pass without u, i want to be with u, touch and hold your hands tight tight.. i will use my all of my breath until my last breath

五 Five..i know already that i am a lucky girl that can have u as my bf (and will be Lao Gong), i can touch ur goodness u ..and also can touch ur love...

六 Six..i know that as much as i love u, i will feel sad with u, feel sad because i think why i just know and can give to u, 28 years that u be on this world..u meet many bad thing , if i know u for a long long time, i will not let u be like that or if u need to meet bad thing I WILL MEET IT WITH U..

七 Seven..i know surely that one day if i meet something bad ...two hands that always hold my hand will not drop my hands and leave me alone ... this why i want to tell u that i will not leave u alone also ..... Thank you for everything that u do for me ,, I ALREADY FEEL AND TOUCH IT, I KNOW ALREADY HOW MUCH U LOVE ME, DON'T BE AFRAID THAT I WILL GO BECAUSE I WILL NOT GO FROM U........

i don't know what our future will be , we can be together or not, now because of i love u so much so i very scare , cuz now u already be my breath cuz all of my breath already give to u, without u how can i continue to live

最喜欢爱着你专注的眼光 聆听我说的每一句话
因为你所以幻想晴天娃娃 把乌云统统赶到别的地方
亲亲笑 亲亲笑 亲亲知道有多爱你吗
把头靠在你的肩膀 能感受到最暖的心房

你就是庆典 你就是晴天
我的爱未眠 不落的想念
飞在你身边 我的爱未眠

我认定你是爱我的 我认定你是认真的

你会爱我天长地久 全世界为我们祝贺

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