Ittiwat Chotkovit BBA, PGM, TPGA Smiley

SmileyChulalongkorn University as a University student golf lecture Smiley

ҨӹѡԷʵáҠ ŧóԷ

Assistant Coach : Sunshine Golf and Kids Development Centre.


January 2007 April 2008Associate Degree Certificate in Professional Golf Management
Professional Golfers Careers College, California, USASmiley

SmileyJune 2006 September 2006Certificate of Golf Swing Instructor
Thai International Golf Teaching Academy, BKK, Thailand Smiley

SmileyNovember 2005Curriculum Certified Professional Golf instructor by TPGA
Thailand Professional Golf Association, BKK, ThailandSmiley

SmileyJune 2001 March 2005Bachelor of Business MarketingSmiley
Kasetsart University, BKK, Thailand

SmileyKey Skills : Teaching Ability Smiley

Work as a golf instructor giving group lecture for School of Sport Science, Chulalongkorn University.Smiley

Work as a Columnist of Whole in One Golf Magazine, Golf swing building issue and Golf History.

Expertise in all area of target students, Junior experienced at Yam Sa-Ard school, young student at Chulalongkorn University and Senior Citizens at California Golf and Art Country Club USA.
Tournament Management Skills

Work as a part of Tournament committee and Referee for TJGA UBC international golf championship 2003-2006 and also several tournament throughout those years.

Developed all tournament managing skills through 2 years in Golf School.

Smiley Other Skills Smiley

Club Fitting and Repair
Golf Simulator and Studio using Smiley
Course tournament set up

Intern Golf instructor at California golf and art country club. Smiley

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