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觢ѹԷš 駷 24 ԹҶ֧ǧҧçش ѾѡѧҴ­ҧ ѹ 17 ..ҹ 繡觢ѹѹͧش 1 ­ͧҡ쿪 1 ­ͧᴧ ҡصŪ ǹ١ҧ͡ѡ§ѹѺ 4


觢ѹ ʹ ͹ ͧ 14 .ù¡ ͺش ҡ ԧ˹ԧ ͡ʵ췵ѧ 3 ä Ҿշ ز 18 ҡջ
ѳ ѡ 20 ҡѵѳԵ Ҥ 2 ѹ
ǹ പ Ժѵ 18 ҡ˧ Թ 1 ˹ ͡ѡɳ ҡ 18 ҡѵѳԵ Թ 4 繵ǵѴ ­ͧ­ 13 ­ش㹡ԷšҧѡվѺԹѴմ 1 ҹҷ ҡͧعѲҡá觪ҵ
з­Թ繢ͧ 硫 ԡ᫧ Ѻ§­ͧᴧ ǹؤŪ હ ԧ-ǹ ҡѹ Ǵ 7 ѹ ­ͧ ҡҪҳҨѡ ٫ ١ ­Թзͧᴧ

š觢ѹ ­ͧ 863 215-216-219-213 ( ,ѳ ѡ 70 ,
ز 70,
പ Ժѵ 73,
͡ѡɳ ҡ 76 )
/ ­Թ 864 硫 223-213-215-213 ( ͫ 71,¹ Ź¹ 72, ª 70 ,ҹ 72)/ ­ͧᴧ 866 211-218-218-219 (ҫ 75 ,ऴ ٵ75 ,ҡ Ƿ73, ٫ ١ 71)

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Էš 2550

Ǩҡ ا෾áԨ ѹ 11 ѹҤ 2550

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ԧ.šش֡ 25 ҵ 133 ԧ طȹ ظ Ѵ÷ ҡ͹͹ ­ͧ ǹ˭ԧѡ¢Դ 1 3 ҹ "Ҿշ" ز ҡջ 蹶֧͹ Ҫеͧʹ

͹Ǣͧ觢ѹ 㹡Էš 駷 24 觨բҧѹ 14-17 .. ʹ ͹ ഹ .ù¡ شչѡ쿨ҡ 25 ׹ѹ觢ѹ 133 ¹ طȹ ظ Ѵ÷ѡ Դ ͹ҧһ ҡ͹͹­ͧ˹˹ ǹ˭ԧ 1 3 ҾҴ

"ؤŪ¹ ҷԴšÿԵ Ҩзѡ 6-8 ѹ 觤ѧ -പ Ժѵ, շ-ز ˹-͡ѡɳ ҡ" .

з ó ˹Ҽ֡͹ ѡ쿷 .šش Фǹվ鹰ҹзѡз й礵ԡԴ˹ ǹº ʹҡ С繢ºçҫҡ 顴ѹԴ 繡á ͹÷ҾԵ
ҹ "Ҿշ" ز ҡԷջ 1 㹢عŷҵ ͡ҡҧ ʹʹѡ¤ 蹡ѹҵѧ ͹ѺҨ觡Ѻ ҨҪʹ ѺἹ蹡ҡ ҧ ´͹躹չ Դ 1 3 Ҩ˹

ǹ ..ص ó ѡ֡Ҫ鹻 1 Żʵ .ʵ Դ "ͧѻ͹ҧἹạاͧѹ 18 ҳ 8 ͺ Ҿʹóҡ ѿԴ ᤺ŧСչ觡 ǡҨзշشء ѹ ˭ԧѧеԴ 1 3 "

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ҵ觢ѹ¡ừԿԤ 2008

Ҥ觻 ѴЪѡм黡ͧԷ觢ѹǪ˭شͧ ¡ -ừԿԡ 2008 駷 29 ҧѹ 5-9 Ҥ ʹй ҷ ͹ ѹѺ ȿԻԹ ¹ѡ쿷 11 ·ҹäѴ͡ҹ͡Թҧѹ 4 Ҥ

Ҥ觻 ¡ʹѺʹعͧ ԧê,Ԫ,úԹ,͹ ,Ҥ¾ҳԪ, Թ硫,÷ͧ觻 -ҴԴ ѴЪѡǪҹäѴ͡͹Թҧ觢ѹǪ¡-ừԿԡ 2008 駷 29 ȿԻԹ ҧѹ 5-9 Ҥ ȡ

ѹ 25 ¹ 2551 ͻЪ˭ .حʹ ѹҧʡ.ͺػó㹡觢ѹҡʻ͹ҧҷ ا ҡ .ԧ ê ӡѴ, 觢ѹ ҡҴԴ, ١쿨ҡ

¹ѡǪ 11 駼Ǻ سز 蹷ͧ óԹҧ͡ҡʹԹó ѹҷԵ 4 Ҥ 2551 ¡úԹ ǺԹ ը 620 9.20 . ԹҧѺ ѹ 10 Ҥ 2551 úԹ ǺԹ ը 621 14.30 .

ѡ쿷ҹäѴ͡ 11 ҡ觢ѹ ը Ź ¹Ծ 2008 (-ừԿԡ) ʹ ͹ ʻ ҧѹ 8-11 ¹ҹ մѧ
ͪ2 ??ѹҡ ͧ ա­ͧش ѷþ ѹЪ ,
˭ԧ 2 Ѫèر оѹ ؾó Թó 駤ա­ͧش蹡ѹ,
ʺժ 2 ԹѰ ç侺 Ҫ ѵó, ʺ˭ԧ 1 رҹء աͧừԿԡ 2006,
ʫժ 1 øѪ ừԿԡ 2 ի͹,
ʫ˭ԧ 1 ͧ- رҹء ừԿԡͧ,
ʴժ ªҵ ʺ, ʴ˭ԧ ظ Ъ

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Sea Games 2007 : from Wikipedia
2007 Southeast Asian Games

24th Southeast Asian Games

Motto: "Spirit, Friendship and Celebrations"

Teams participating

5282 Athletes participating

436 Events in 43 sports (estimated)

Opening ceremony : December 6, 2007

Closing ceremony : December 15, 2007

Officially opened by

HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn
Crown Prince of Thailand

Ceremony venue

His Majesty the King's 80th
Birthday Anniversary, 5th
December 2007 Sports Complex

The 24th Southeast Asian Games (also known as SEA Games) was held in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), Thailand from December 6 to December 15, 2007.

The Thai Olympic Committee planned the event to coincide with the commemoration of 80th birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Officials studied the possibility of doing the events in multiple venues like what was done in Vietnam and the Philippines. It was the sixth time Thailand has hosted the SEA Games. Thailand had hosted the 1959 (inaugural games), 1967, 1975, 1985 and 1995 SEA Games. The 2007 games were to be hosted in Singapore, but the city-state gave up the chance in 2004 as the National Stadium was slated for demolition in around that time to build the Singapore Sports Hub.

Aside from Nakhon Ratchasima, events were held at Bangkok and at Chonburi.


On February 24, 2006, northeast Thailand's Nakhon Ratchasima Province authorities met to discuss the 2007 SEA Games schedule, and progress on the province's under-construction US$65 million sports complex. Presided over by governor Somboon Ngamlak, the meeting provided an overview of facilities, and ended with reassurances that facilities would be ready for SEA Games in 2007

Can (Thai: ᤹), a Korat cat (Thai: Ҫ) was selected as the official mascot of the 2007 SEA Games. The cat wears "Pha Khao Ma", a traditional Thai loincloth, and plays the khaen, a Northeastern-style mouth organ. The mascot was created by Sa-ard Jomnagrm and was named "Can" by an eight-year-old girl, Piyathida Sreewimon.

The Korat cat is a slate blue-grey shorthair domestic cat with a small to medium build and a low percentage of body fat. It is one of the oldest stable cat breeds in Thailand and named after the Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) province.


Most of the games will be held in the $65 million sports complex on Pakthongchai Road in Nakhon Ratchasima. The sports complex holds the 20,000-seater His Majesty the King's 80th Birthday Anniversary, 5th December 2007 Sports Complex. The sports complex also includes a 5,000-seater indoor stadium, 16 tennis court facilities, among other facilities scheduled to be finished on June 2007.
Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat)
His Majesty the King's 80th Anniversary Birthday Anniversary Stadium (5 December 2007)
5th December Stadium (Opening and Closing Ceremony, Athletics, Football)
Aquatic Centre (Diving, Swimming, Water Polo)
Beach Volleyball Stadium (Volleyball)
Gymnasium 1 (Gymnastic)
Gymnasium 2 (Volleyball)
Tennis Court (Tennis)
Velodrome (Cycling)

Suranaree University of Technology
Football Field 2 (Archery)
Keelapirom Gymnasium (Basketball)
National Synchrotron Research Centre (Fencing)
Petanque Court (Petanque)
Student Resident (Athlete Village)
Surapala Keetha Sathan Stadium (Football)
Suraphat 2 Building (IBC, MPC)

Other Venue
Amphoe Pak Thong Chai Sport Complex (Boxing, Football)
Bonanza Golf and Country Club (Golf)
Chanapolkhan Institute of Technology (Karate, Wushu)
Khao Yai Thiang (Cycling)
Klang Plaza Jomsurang Department Store (Table Tennis)
Mittraphap Road (Cycling)
Central stadium, Nakhon Ratchasima (Football, Muay Thai)
Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University (Body Building, Softball)
Nakhon Ratchasima Vocational College (Weightlifting)
Rajamangala University of Technology Isan (Judo, Wrestling)
Sima Thani Hotel (Billiards and Snooker)
Sung Noen Municipality Hall (Pencak Silat)
Suranaree Camp (Rugby union)
The Mall Department Store (Sepak Takraw)
Wongchawalitkul University (Badminton, Dance Sport and Taekwondo)
Bangkok National Sport Complex (Handball)
Queen Sirikit Sport Centre (Baseball, Hockey, Lawn Bowl)
Ratchaphruek Club (Squash)
SF Strike Bowl (Bowling)
Sport Authority of Thailand Sport Complex (Futsal, Shooting)
VR Sport Club (Polo)
Chon Buri Ambassador City Jomtien (Triathlon)
Horseshoe Point (Equestrian)
Map Prachan Reservoir (Canoe-Kayak, Rowing, Traditional Boat Race)
Ocean Marina Yacht Club (Sailing)
Thai Polo Club (Equestrian)

Indonesia plays against Thailand in SEA Games Polo 2007
The 2007 SEAG featured more than 400 events in 43 sports and also 2 demonstration sports (i.e. Go and Kempo). The 24th edition of the games will have the highest number of sporting events in the entire history of the SEAG, more events than the Asian Games and the Olympic Games.

Billiards and Snooker¹


Lawn bowls³
Muay Thai²
Pencak Silat²
Rugby union
Sepak Takraw¹

Table tennis
Traditional boat race¹


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