Flowers are everywhere, you just have to look for them...Welcome to Spring...
Thank you Seattle..

It has been a year, since I did my solo-spontaneous trip to Seattle. I first visited there with my broken pieces of soul, nothing more, except a camera and a journal. I was carrying a love letter, walking around the city. When I stopped and started to cry, I pull the love letter from my pocket, started to calm down by reading it..then walked, stopped, read, then walked...Thanks to the person who wrote that letter for me, you saved my soul from breaking into more pieces, but who actually glued them together is the city, Seattle.

A few days later, when I could chin up and breath in cool fresh seabreeze, I found that flowers are everywhere...if you look for them. The spring always come with new green buds, then tiny leaves and delicate flowers. Seattle at that time had everything for me, nice and cool weather, a lot of beautiful flower blossoms and an anonymous with a yellow daffodil, smile, saying 'welcome to spring'. On that day, I got my smile back on my face again after I forgot it for a few months.

Five days of talking to no one but myself, I realized that when life is in winter, cold, fragile and lonely, it is not dead. The broken pieces of soul and heart can always be gathered and fixed if I just wait..until the spring comes.

Welcome to spring and I need to travel again...

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Lovely pictures and poetic words...

I really like your writing style and I hope to read/see more of your work in the future :)

โดย: Smilla วันที่: 28 มีนาคม 2555 เวลา:16:25:07 น.  

OMG เล่นบล็อคเป็นภาษาบ้านๆ แบบนี้ทำไงดีหล่ะเนี๊ยะ อ่านม่ายออก คริๆ ไผ่ยิ่งฟามรู้น้อยๆ อยู่น้า แต่...เป็นอีกเมืองที่อยากไปนะเนี๊ยะซีแอตเติ้ลเนี๊ยะ


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nice photoes kaaa

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