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Hi all, welcome to "Plus Size Style" blog.  Resided in Bangkok, Thailand, my name is Jacky and I blog about plus-sized lifestyles ie. clothing, health, everyday life and more.  

About myself, I am one of those plus-sized girls that have a great passion on fashion.  I believe everyone can look as fabulous as they are from the inside.  I believe people are born different and this is how the world is full of colors.  No matter what your skin color is, no matter what your height and weight are, you are beautiful in the way you are meant to be.  

So with this blog, I will be doing some photoshoots on plus sized models and sharing posts from other websites or Instagram, mainly on plus-sized topics.  Apart from all my posts, I would also love to here for you all.  Feel free to share your thoughts! 

If you're interested in sharing your thoughts on the plus-sized lifestyles and fashion, just feel free. 

I can read and write Thai, so from time to time I will also be blogging in Thai.  Stay tune with Plus Size Style blog! 

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Originated from Bangkok, Thailand, I am Jacky and I blog about plus-sized fashion and lifestyles.
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