20% of the house construction


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15% of the house construction


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8% of the house construction


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40% of the project, 5% of the house construction

  • SmileyFinally, our property is being prepared for construction of our home. Note the lush, rich soil that lies on top and beneath the surface... We will grow many exciting flora on this piece of land. Mickey as so excited hepeed his pants. Asia got lost on the vast property and found her hiding under the backhoeSmiley

    SmileyNow that the property has been excavated, sewage, underground power cables, gas and telephone lines will be installed. This will be followed by a concrete slab and frame Smiley

    SmileyBuilding a home is an organic experience as there is joy, suffering and then relief as the different dtages of the project end and another one begins. Once the slab and frame are complete, the plumbing will be installed folowed by the roof tiles. Plastrboard walls, electricical cables and finally doors, windows and appliances will complete the house. Hopefully we will be in by Christmas. But the projct will not end there. We need´to landscape the front and backyard, plant trees, build a studio and an office, a playground, swimming pool and so onSmiley

    SmileyDaddy may be retired by the time the project is completely finished. He works so hard to make this a beautiful home that we will all loveSmiley


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Cut the grass

  • Lucky Daddy's so strong and cut the grass competently with this new lawnmower. OK, so he had some aches and pains after this ordeal - but it had to be done.

    Mickey, wanted to help but had to stay clear of the lawnmower. Doesn't he look tough in his army gear?

    Mummy decided to have a nap in the car....


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