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Do You Need a New Watch?

If you're thinking about buying a new watch,
then perhaps you know why you need a new one, and what features your
new watch needs to have. Alternatively, you might just fancy a change
of watch. If you are looking foir a new watch, then here's what you
need to consider.

1. If you're struggling to read your watch
face, perhaps because it's scratched, or it's now too small for you to
see, then maybe it's a time for a new watch.

2. You'll have to
decide when you'll wear your new watch. Perhaps you want a watch to
wear every day, or just for formal occasions, or for when your running
or diving.

3. You might need your watch to have certain
functions. You might want it to display the day or date, or have a
stopwatch, be waterproof or be easy to read in the dark.

4. You
might have already decided that you want either an analogue or digital
watch, or perhaps you haven't made up your mind yet. Your choice might
be made easier when you've decided what you you're your watch to be
able to do.

5. The shape of your new watch might be important to
you. Will you go for a traditional round shape, or a rectangular shape?
Will a certain shape be easier to read for you, and perhaps be more
appropriate for a work, or formal occasion?

6. Depending on the
size of the watch you choose, it may or may not suit you. You don't
want a watch that's too big for your wrist, nor do you want a face
that's dwarfed by your wrist so that you can't read it. Also by
thinking when you'll wear your watch, you don't want it to be too bulky
under your clothing.

7. No matter if you're going to be wearing
your watch for a few hours a year at formal events, or all day every
day, you'll need to be aware of its weight. Formal analogue watches can
be quite big and bulky, which makes them heavy, and uncomfortable. If
you don't like wearing our new watch, you won't wear it.

8. You
might have a preference for strap type, or colour. Some models of watch
are available with different straps, so if you don't like the strap, or
the colour of the watch face or the case, it might be available in
different colours and materials.

9. Different brands are known
for different types of watch. You might want to choose a designer
watch, a brand well known for their digital, analogue, or sporting
watches, or you might just go for the watch you like best, rather than
by the designer or brand.

10. Although you're likely to have a
price limit for your new watch, you should make sure that you get the
right watch for your needs, rather than by choosing by cost alone. If
you need certain features, or a certain style, if you limit yourself
you might not get what you need, and so not wear your watch as often as
you'd like to.

Now you know how to tell if you do need a new
watch, and how to choose your next watch, you've got n excuse for not
knowing what time it is.

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หวัดดีตอนบ่ายค่า อิอิ^^

โดย: หาแฟนตัวเป็นเกลียว วันที่: 16 มีนาคม 2553 เวลา:17:21:29 น.  

whenever you felt that your heart is going to breakdown
feel it with the love of God ask for his and then you will
find out what is the truth love in Your life as he does for me!

GOD always forgive your mistake
the one that you cant even forget,
he always does it and always being with us
to help and blesss us for us whose heart is full of him

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