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The History of Tommy Hilfiger

The establisher of the brand Thomas Jacob Hilfiger was born
on 24th of March, 1951 on Ellesmere. He was the second child in a large
Catholic Irish family, having eight brothers and sisters. At the age of 18
Tommy breaks up his study to start working in a small clothes shop. His first
business was a resale of twenty pairs of custom jeans. Afterward he starts to
work for "Brown's" boutique and soon manages to open his own shop
called "The People's Place". However at the age of 25 Hilfiger went
bankrupt and his shop had to be closed despite its popularity among young
people. Tommy and his wife Suzy come to New York where Mr. Hilfiger is offered
a place of assistant designer by leading couturiers Clvin Klein and Perry
Ellis. However Hilfiger declines the offer and starts working for Chris Cortes.
In 1984 he registers Tommy Hilfiger trademark and presents the first collection
under his own name. From that time Hilfiger has been called a king of urban
fashion and Americans fell in love with the brand for its style, high quality
and democratic prices.

In 1995 CFDA called Tommy Hilfiger "Designer of the
Year" for his men's wear collection. In 1998 Design School
"Persons" in New York granted Tommy Hilfiger the award "Designer
of the Year" and GQ magazine put him on the list of "Men of the
Year". In 1999 Tommy Hilfiger sponsors "No security" tour of
legendary Rolling Stones, summer tour of Britney Spears and autumn tour
"Freedom" of Lenny Kravitz. In 2002 Hilfiger was called "International
Designer of the Year" by GQ magazine and D.A.R.E. granted him with Future
of America Award. Besides that year Hilfiger becomes sponsor of American ski
team "Freestyle". 2004 David Bowie and his wife Iman become faces of
the new line H Hilfiger.

Today the designer is notorious for his scandalous acts. He
has also been criticized for outrages and bad conditions of employees.
Nevertheless, Tommy Hilfiger is extremely popular all over the world, and
sponsoring of several Formula 1 teams - Lotus in the 1990s and Ferrari in the
beginning of 2000 has also contributed to it. Besides he is father of five
children. His daughter Ally took part in a reality show called "Rich
Girls" on MTV and his son Rich Hil gas signed a contract with the producer
of "Swizz Beatz".

In 2006 the designer sold his brand for 1,6 billion dollars
to a private investment company called "Apax Partners".

Tommy Hilfiger brands today include "True Star" -
a perfume line produced in association with Estee Lauder, "Red Label"
- customized denim jeans line, including jeans, shirts and sporty sweaters,
"H" - a line which was launched after the company was sold,
"Tommy Hilfiger", "Tommy Sport" - a line of the 90s that
brought Mr. Hilfiger world fame, and "Tommy Hilfiger for the Home" -
a line of bed and shower accessories.

The brand is characterized by a creative approach towards
the clothes style and their target audiences are not only young people, but
also grown-ups. Tommy Hilfiger shops can be found in North, South and Central
America, as well as Japan, South-Western Asia, Russia and Europe. Tommy
Hilfiger is one of the four best designer brands of men's wear in the USA
(Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and Tommy Hilfiger). His clothes is
worn by Hue Grant, Bill Clinton, Metallica and No Doubt.

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