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Review : Lip Gloss and Lipstick

Review : Lip Gloss and LipstickSmiley

Hello everyone!!! This is my 1st review

First, Let's see pic what I have

My two fav lipstick >>> 1ft ESPRIQUE Precious from Beaute de Kose in OR 210. I got it from my aunt and it's very natural and kind so I can use it every school day
2nd MAC lipstick in Creme Cup.... Ireally love its color,,,very very cute. I bought it from US because it very cheaper than Thailand. In Thailand is 750 bht or 24 USD while US price only 14.5 USD

see how they work...
The 1st one like I told you above. The color is suitable for student in university. It's very soft coral, not nude, not pale just ok!!! And it's can put on my dry lips that what I love.

The 2nd is MAC lipstick. If you want to find suit shade for everyday I would recommend thisssss <3. The pinky creamsheen lipstick is what I love too. It's smooth and not dry out my lips. And last, not pale. But I find the most beautiful color by mix it together, first creme cup and next or 210. That's great!

Left: Esprique, Right : MAC

Next is Lip Gloss

I won't describe too much about this. All of them not much sticky except NYX, but not too much
And their color like in pic. And sorry for the price I can't tell you because I can't remember.

Left to right : Dior Addict Ultea Gloss Perfect in 757 (recommend), Lioele Blooming Gloss in B16, Etude Dear Darling Tint in 01 pink

Left to right : Essence Fairytale lipgloss in 03 pixie dust (Love its smell), NYX Round Lip Gloss in 15 baby pink, Lioele Blooming Gloss in H05, Etude dear darling gloss in 11

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nice to meet you
this blog can write Thai ?

โดย: jewelmoda วันที่: 22 มีนาคม 2554 เวลา:6:15:40 น.  

yesss haha

โดย: donutart วันที่: 23 มีนาคม 2554 เวลา:12:18:53 น.  

สวยน่ารักมากค่ะ บิ๊กอาย

โดย: bigeye2u (tewtor ) วันที่: 11 เมษายน 2554 เวลา:17:58:04 น.  

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