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Munich: Colors of Autumn

Once my friend told me, “The older we get, the harder for us to feel the true happiness”. I still remember when I was in college; a nice weekend away with good companions could fill my heart with happiness that I came home with a smile and full energy.
However, as we get older, life is now filled with individual commitments, work deadlines and other thousand things those making our heart shut off to those little things that once could make us happy such as meeting old friends, having a nice cup of coffee in the afternoon watching other people going by, reading a good book, etc. We soon find that happiness that could put butterflies in your heart becomes rare to find.

I found my old butterflies in my heart again in Munich, Germany. It was a right combination between place, timing and companion.

Munich is a nice little town with everything you need for a city; beautiful architectures, good foods, shopping streets, gorgeous public garden. Also, just within an hour by train to a small town nearby, Fussen, you can find yourself passing all green fields, farmer houses to the crystal clear lakes, surrounded by mountains and looking up to the most famous and most romantic castle in Germany, Neuschwanstein.

The timing was also right. It was late autumn. All leafs on the trees were showing its fullest colors before submitting to the cold winter. The weather was also perfect, with enough sunshine and not too cold for us to spend time walking in the park, enjoying the beauty of the fall, taking pictures, wandering beside the crystal clear lake, looking at reflections with color leafs on the lake. There are million reasons why I totally fell in love with the autumn here.

And last of all, companion, my little friend who has passed through intensive photo lesson. Unlike other photographer, I love to be in front of a camera as much as behind the camera. So, from this trip, I had a couple of nice pictures with beautiful memories. Even though, coming back from the trip, I had to face the reality awaited for me; all the exams, reports and projects due. But, my heart was now fully recharged and ready for whatever might come.


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Every time, I read this, I feel also like having more energy to do what I have to do and to finish what I must. It also makes me realize how easy we forgot small, yet important details because this stressful life we live.


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