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Wet 'n' Wild in Gold Coast, Australia

"Wet Wet Wet in Wet'n Wild

๏~*Thai Version...Clickhere*~

first of all I want to tell you guys
this is my old trip in Surfers Paradise Australia
I have Thai version for you also just click at
"Thai Version" Then you can read in Thai

I did make my web diary a couple years ago
but never write in English now my Paul Bear
ask me to do that cause our friends in Australia
want to share their thoughts with us
that's the reason why I have to write in English
Although my English is not that good
Hope you guy understand and try to understand
my poor English..just laugh with me ok!

My friend "Nuch" Who studying master degree
in Tasmania came to see me in Surffers Paradise
She wanted to go to Wet'n'Wild.It was great idea
Because greatest theme parks in the Gold Coast
are Dream World, Sea World, Movie World and
Wet'n'Wild. It was my luck I visited them all

Since Nuch's here with me.I didn't have time for Paul bear
He got a cold but still wanted me visiting many places with Nuch
WE took bus from Cavill Ave to Wet'n'Wild,The bus cost 7 AUD
Round trip and ticket for Wet'n'wild is 40 AUD.We rent looker
for our stuff about 7 dollars..Now we can get wet..Yeepee..!!

We took rolls,water and candies from apartment
It was cool for me but Nuch she said just perfect weather
Many rides there as Tornado,Black Hold, Mach 5, Wave Pool
seems like Nuch enjoyed all the rides but I'm getting tired

When we got hungry we back to our table
ate the rolls,candies and many stuffs which
We back home at 4.00 PM

Paul Bear not feel good but he took us to Japanese restaurant
after that took me to Ice cream shop which he like
then he walked back home let me and Nuch shopping
because tomorrow I will be back to Thailand
Woo..Time gone so fast...


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