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Halong Bay in couldy day

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Halong Bay

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Here we are the last trip in Vietnam
I started review my Vietnam trip
from March and it just finisned today
Now it's time to present my Halong bay Trip
...Let's go mates...!!

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Vietnam

Our Journey

Next day I got up early it was raining outside
I concerned Ho Long bay might not beautiful as I wish
The Van from company tooak us at the hotel about 8.30 AM
Just the 2 of us in the van thought it might not high season
That was good for us so we can lay down on the seat

It took about 3-3.5 hours from Hanoi to Halong city
on the way to Halong city the van stop at handicraft center
I saw many vans and buses stop here
I didn't take picture cause we had just 15 mins
When we arrived at the pier many people
buses, cars and van were there..very busy
finally I got the answer the junk took their old guests
back to the land and will take new guests traval in the bay
everyday always do like this as the circle
Many tourists take one day trip
but some stay 1 night in the junk
Our junk is name "Jewel of The Bay"

Stay one night in the junk is my dream
and Paul Bear my man made my dream comes true
I want to say"Thank you"to him 1,000 times
but my Paul bear want nothing
just only hope I'll be a good girl
Our Tourist guide is name Dong Viet Gob
but I called him "Viet" it's easy to remember
in the junk had about 10 guests
2 Canadian , 2 English and 3 kids 1 Singaporian
1 Australian and 1 cute Thai girl

after lunch we take walk around the junk
we talked with Canadian couple
who stayed second night in the junk
They travel in many country in Asia
as India, China,Cambodia and Thailand
They asked me Which one I like between
Pang-Nga Bay and Halong bay..I can't tell now

After the junk rode about 3 hours
Time for kayak it was a good experience for me
during I paddled the boat I saw many Islands...
as same as I saw many trash in the water
That was too bad seems like water is very dirty

after that we back to the junk
Paul bear wanted some beer to dring
and I wanted some snack...
a couple paddle around the junk
sell many sanck such as beer,wine,snack
we had some rest before dinner at 7.00 PM

Tonight food was so good
all was seafood and vegestable
after dinner it time for fishing
3 girls and their parent had a great time
Me and Paul bear still enjoy drinking wine
and talk with Canadian about our trip and their trip
they talked about Thailand and Our beloved King
and How much they enjoy their trip in Thailand
now I can tell them which place I like
Phang-Nga bay more quiet and clearn
and it made me realized why many Farang
Like to visit and love Thailand

Next day we get up early
after breakfast we went to the cave
I can see beautiful view of Halong Bay
on the top of the mountain

we back to the junk had lunch
before we check out and head back to Hanoi
It was a great time in Halong bay
especially a great time with my great guy
"my Paul bear"



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Not good not bad time in Hanoi, Vietnam

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Hanoi

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Longtime I'm not update my blog
Still waiting for my thesis and defense it soon
I still have a couple places to review
hope your guy do not boring about it ok!

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Vietnam

Our Journey

We flew from Hue city to Hanoi
after we had bad experience in Hue
we have to becareful to deal with Vienamese
Paul bear ask taxi driver about cost
that we have to pay cause we don't want problem
distance from Noibai Airport to the city about 30 min
I did check from many website it's about 10 USD

First thing we can see are bikes,motor bike and cars
We arrieved at 6.00 Pm we stayed at Guoman Hotel
after we had some rest we took taxi to Hoan Kiem Lake
Had some thing to eat and took walk before back to hotel

Next day we went to Military History Museum
In that day I had problem with the waitress
she disn't understand what did Paul bear order her
when the food coming my breakfast was the right one
but Paul bear was wrong but she too both back to kichen
then took my breakfast aroud the restaurant
and ask their customers..Who order this plate?
It made me angry cause when I cam back to me
It was cold and disease already in my food

After that we walk to Ba Dinh square
place which we can visit Ho Chi Minh mausoleum
and One Pillar Pagoda..after that we decided to see
B52 which crashed in Vietnam war by cyclo...
Paul bear did make deal with cyclo 15,000 VND for 3 places
such as B52,Some place I can't remember and Hanoi Hillton
finally he left us at the Military History Museum
Cyclo guy was mean and yelled at us...See How bad he was?
We did not take mafia cyclo anymore

after that we decided to walk till we arrived in 36 streets
close to Hoan Kiem Lake which we had dinner last night
36 streets is in old quarter which many shop around there
such as shoes, backpack,dresses,food etc...
we walked all day then we had dinner before back to hotel

We took taxi back to Hotle cause we will go to Ha long bay
but we still had problem with taxi driver cause
it was expenssive,last night we paid just only 500,00 VND
but the meter was about 80,000 VND..
Can you see Vietnamese trick?
We had problems with Vietnamese 3 time in One day
Such a good trip in Hanoi...

after we back from Halong bay
we saty at Zephyr Hotel that not to far from the lake
we can walk and shopping at 36 streets
before we went to see water puppet
I heard many Thai people talk in the theatre
after that we took taxi back to hotle
Vietnamese still cheat on us cause it wasn't far
but we didn't want problem just paid him

Next day before we head back to Thailand
Paul Bear want to visit jail that Vietgong confined
American prisoners in Vietnam War..They called that jail
Hanoi Hillton..we tried to find that places but we lost...
we walked and walked untill we saw Hanoi Opera House
and still walked but we can't find..we took taxi back to hotel
and read book about Hanoi Hillton..finally I got the answer
Vienamese call Haowa prison..Gosh!! that's why

after that we took taxi to Noibai Airport
here's my bad time in Hanoi...not good experience
but still good memories cause I was there with my Paul bear



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Felt upset in Hue City, Vietnam

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Hue

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I did updete this blog a couple day ago
but I didn't have a chance to publish it yet
today I make power point for my conference
all day..just have short time to publish it now

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Veitnam

Our journey

Next day we early bus from Hoi An to hue
the bus picked us up at Life Heritage resort
the first step I walk into the bus the bus driver
talked to me cuase he thought I'm Vietnamese
Well! I said "Sorry I'm Thai,I don't understand.
2 American guys on the bus laughed at me
then one of them said"You should wear yellow t-shirt"
We Love the King" then they know you are Thai
we stoped at some place I didn't know the name
but I did take some picture for you guys..for sure

After ChangSan strom gone the view not that beautiful

Old boat Don't know why Paul Bear want me sat on it

About 1 hour we arrived in Hue city
we went to the airport but no one there
An airport far from the city about 30 kms.
we took taxi to the city just look around and in Hue
we had bad experience about Vietnamese

Airport in Hue city

Hue is located in Thua Thien prefecture
and is in the central part of Vietnam.
Located 660 km from Ha Noi and
1080 km from Saigon, Hue has always been
considered the fulcrum of Vietnam's
two rice baskets, the Red river delta and the Mekong delta.
Hue became the name of Vietnam's most well known
ancient capital because of the local mispronunciation
of the word Hoá in Thuâ.n Hoá.

Atmosphere in Hue city

Hue University

Bicycles and motorcycles same in many city in Vietnam

As I told you I met Thai guy who work in Saigon
he warn me about Paul bear about Vietnamese
but as long as we traveling in Veitnam
we didn't got problem yet untill...
we took cyclo in Hue city..it was bad momory

Market in Hue

we just wanted to help Vietnamese to make money
that was reason why we took cyclo
we met some guy who ride cyclo he and
he try to talk with us and make money
Paul bear talked to him "we just want to visit market"
around that area and he said ok 80,000 VND/2 people
at the first time he was very nice and hlep us
took many photos then Paul bear wanted to see
the brige which Americans bombed in Vietnam war
not too far from Market we made dearl with that guy again
about 100,000 VND for 2 people and he agreed
about the after our trip he said we have to pay him
100,000 per person mean 300 THB/person
it was very expensive...500 THB for cyclo
then that guy was every mean and swear to us
finally Paul bear gave him just 250 THB
and told him if he do not take it we will go to police station
See it was Vietnamese trick..we didn't like

Rememberand becareful this bad guy

because I want to try cyclo

we took same taxi back to the airport
many people there..we still unahppy about that guy
and thought if many Vietnamese do that to toursits
not too long toursits will not visit Vietnam any more
make me think about Thailand and Thai people
we 're more friendly and gentle more than Vietnamese
Make me so proud I was born to be Thai..Siamese

My bad experience about Vietnamese not finish yet
if you guys want to know have to wait for while
some cyclo in Hahoi treat un bas also...
~~To be continue~~



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Danang city and my favorite movie

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Danang

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I'm still waiting for my thesis from my advisor
That's why I have time to up my blog
my Vietnam trip started from BKK to Phom Phen
and Phom Phen to Chau doc, Sai gon, Danang
Hue, Hoi An, Hanoi and Halong Bay in Vietnam
now it's time to present Danang Trip...

Our trip in Vietnam

Our journey

During we visited Hoi An we had short time
to visit Danang..I took some pic for you guys
After we stayed in life heritage resort 1 night
next day we rent a motorbike and rode to Danang city
it's about 25 Kms.fron Hoi An to Danang city
as long as I can remember Danang is the city
which my favorite movie "Heaven and Earth" refer to
"Heaven and Earth" which produced by Oliver Stone
was the films besed on the true story of
Phung Thi Laly Hayslip from Ky la
a rice farming village in Danang (Central Vietnam)
In the film's production the director used
Some loctiont in Thailand as Phuket and Bangkok
It was very magnificent scene of big paddy fields
I really like this movie because of
their theme,screen play and Music
which produce by Kitaro the Japanese great musician

Vehicle to Danang

my favorite movie

Da Nang is in the central region of Vietnam.
It is a major port city in the South Central Coast of Vietnam,
on the coast of the South China Sea.
It is one of the five independent municipalities in Vietnam.
Longtime ago Danang was an American army base
cause it is the city between North and South Vietnam

lots of motorcycle

Atmospher in Danang City

On the way back to Hoi An.We stoped at
Maple Mountain which a hadndicraft village
The bus must stop here before go to Hoi An

Pau Bear and Happy Buddah

we arrived in Hoi An at 7.30 Pm
Because some one got lost..
we took shower after that had dinner at Cargo Club
it is famous restaurant in Hoi An
we wait for table about 1.5 hours
we went to bed early cause next day
we will go to Hue at 7.00 AM
...It was my nice time in Hoi An...

Paul Bear and Bamboo at Cargo Club



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Inner peace in Hoi An, Vietnam

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Hoi An

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After I corrected my thesis 7 times
finally I have time to update my blog
I still review my Vietnam trip
hope you guy not getting bore
my Vietnam trip started from BKK to Phom Phen
and Phom Phen to Chau doc, Sai gon, Danang
Hue, Hoi An, Hanoi and Halong Bay in Vietnam
now it's time to present Hoi An's trip...

Our Trip

Hoi An is a small city on the coast of
the South China Seain central Vietnam
It is located in the Quảng Nam province
Hoi An was an important trading centre
in the 16th and 17th centuries,
where Chinese from various provinces
as well as Japanese, Dutch and Indians settled down.
During this period of the China trade,
the town was called "Hai Pho"
In 1999, the old town was declared World Heritage
by the UNESCO, as a well-preserved example of
a Southeast Asian trading port of the
15th to 19th centuries,whose buildings
display a unique blend of local and foreign influences.

Wedid fly from Saigon to Danang by Vietnam Airline
after that took taxi to Hoi An it was cost about 10 USD
tonight we stayed at Life Heritage Resort which
Paul bear's friend recommend us to stay there
It's a beautiful hotel close to Thu Bon River
We arrivaled at 6 p.m. very tired but very exciting
to took a walk around the old quarter

Beautiful building close to life Resort

other side of Thu Bon River

Tonight we had dinner at a small
restaurant near Thu bon River
Thu Bon River was an important river
for trading in the 16th and 17th centuries
Tonight had some show in the old quarter
It was very queit night I don't hear
or see any motobike ride

Life style in Hoi An

The old style Hotel which still open for the tourists

In the morning we got upe early
Took a walk to morning market
lots of seafood and vegetables all fresh
I never ever see like this in Thailand

Lots of "Pho" Shop in Vietnam

Fresh vegetables..yummy

Fresh Fishes

Lifes in Hoi An

a unique blend of local and foreign influences buildings

Guess it's a temple

many art galleries there

Souvenir from Hoi An

"Japanese Bridge

After walked for a while..we got hungry
we walked back to our hotel for breakfast
Thought I was only on Asian who stayed there
we took some rest before we rent motorbike
and took boat trip in Thu Bon river
During the day many Tourists came to visit Hoi An
I heard some of them are Thai make me feel good

Vietnam Kids

Thu bon River at daytime

The River Of Lifes

Some Show from resident people

After boat trip in Thu Bon River
Paul Bear got some crazy thought
we did ride motobike to Danang city
I saw American army base on the right side
On the left side in the beach guess this area
was a beach which Americans called "China Beach"
we had just 2 hours in Danang City
we ride back to Hoi An..had dinner at Cargo Club
Tomorrow morning we will go to Hue
then fly to Hanoi City

Paul Bear andBam boo in Hoi An



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