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Day 5-6

G'day mates

๏~*Thai Version..Click here*~

We was arrival to Kanchanaburi at 6.00 PM
Too tired..boohoo..but we had a nice time
My Paul Bear wanted to go to Temple
which old monk take care tigers
I'm Thai but I never know about that
we can't cause they allow to see Tigers at 3.00 Pm
But we have leave at 7.30 AM...too Bad
On the way to Chiangmai Time to take Photo

Pe' John in Uthaithani

We have nice lunch at Uthaithani
"Pla Rad" famous fish in this provice
Yummy for bamboo...big fish..ha ha ha
After that we're relax before heading to Chiangmai
it's raining and we arrival in Chiangmai at 6.00 Pm
Tonight we stay at "Sheraton Chiangmai"

Front Desk

Tonight we gonna have dinner at"The Duke"
after that we go to "Monkey Club"
then go to bed...too tried..
"Hope it's not rain tomorrow"

I got up early went to swim and not forget
took photos for you guy...let see..ha ha ha

River terrace

I took them to "Doi Suthep"
and had lunch at "Huean Huay Kaew"
Thai restaurant close to Huay Kaew water fall
Seems like Paul Bear and P' John
enjoyed eating and talking
after that I took them to "Ban Tawai" or Teak Village
Pe' John wants to order some stuff but we had shot time

Paul Bear and Bamboo on the way to Doi Suthep

We went back to Hotel and tonight
we make plan to have dinner at"The House"
after that we went to Night Barzar
took a walk and went to bed early
because we will go to"Chiangrai"


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