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Danang city and my favorite movie

Paul Bear and Bamboo in Danang

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I'm still waiting for my thesis from my advisor
That's why I have time to up my blog
my Vietnam trip started from BKK to Phom Phen
and Phom Phen to Chau doc, Sai gon, Danang
Hue, Hoi An, Hanoi and Halong Bay in Vietnam
now it's time to present Danang Trip...

Our trip in Vietnam

Our journey

During we visited Hoi An we had short time
to visit Danang..I took some pic for you guys
After we stayed in life heritage resort 1 night
next day we rent a motorbike and rode to Danang city
it's about 25 Kms.fron Hoi An to Danang city
as long as I can remember Danang is the city
which my favorite movie "Heaven and Earth" refer to
"Heaven and Earth" which produced by Oliver Stone
was the films besed on the true story of
Phung Thi Laly Hayslip from Ky la
a rice farming village in Danang (Central Vietnam)
In the film's production the director used
Some loctiont in Thailand as Phuket and Bangkok
It was very magnificent scene of big paddy fields
I really like this movie because of
their theme,screen play and Music
which produce by Kitaro the Japanese great musician

Vehicle to Danang

my favorite movie

Da Nang is in the central region of Vietnam.
It is a major port city in the South Central Coast of Vietnam,
on the coast of the South China Sea.
It is one of the five independent municipalities in Vietnam.
Longtime ago Danang was an American army base
cause it is the city between North and South Vietnam

lots of motorcycle

Atmospher in Danang City

On the way back to Hoi An.We stoped at
Maple Mountain which a hadndicraft village
The bus must stop here before go to Hoi An

Pau Bear and Happy Buddah

we arrived in Hoi An at 7.30 Pm
Because some one got lost..
we took shower after that had dinner at Cargo Club
it is famous restaurant in Hoi An
we wait for table about 1.5 hours
we went to bed early cause next day
we will go to Hue at 7.00 AM
...It was my nice time in Hoi An...

Paul Bear and Bamboo at Cargo Club


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