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Why don't you do it? Ƿ

If you are foreigners who know some Thai, you might wonder if they are different. If Thais say ӷ/tham-tham-mai/why do you do it?, or Ƿӷ/láew-tham-tham-mai/why did you do it?, or /tham-mai-mâi-tham/why dont you do it? Yeah, they sound funny. I guess you might notice that there are present simple and past simple. The one with /láew is in the past. Others are present. And /mâi is for negative statements or negative questions. When we ask /bpai-mái/wanna go?, the answer might be /bpai-sì/of course, or / mâi-bpai/no, or / mâi-bpai-láew /no (means I wanted to go but I changed my mind). If you hear /tham-mai-ther-mâi-maa-lâ/why dont you come?, this question is present, but /tham-mai-ther-mâi-dâi-maa-lâ/why didnt you come?, this one is in the past. If you want your question to mean something to happen in the future, just put /jà in front of verbs you use such as ͨ/tham-mai-ther--mâi-maa-lâ/why wont you come?, or ͨ/tham-mai-ther--mâi-bpai-lâ/why wont you go?, or ͨеͧ仴/tham-mai-ther--tông-bpai-dûay-lâ/why will you have to go?, etc. I will give you some example as below:

Q: 价ӧҹءѹ / ther-bpai-tham-ngaan-thúg-wan-rú-plào /Do you go to work every day?
A: ѹѹҷԵ / plào-chăn-mâi-tham-wan-săo-aa-thít/ No, I dont work on weekend.
Q: ͨШѴҹ§׹ / láew-ther-jà-jàd-ngaan-líeng-khuen-née-mái/ Will you have a party tonight?
A: Ѵ 觹ѹ/ jàd-sî-gôrr-prûng-née-bpen-wan-săo/Yes, I will. Tomorrow is Saturday.
Q: ͤ׹˹/wâa-tàeh-mûeh-khuen-ther-bpai-yòo-năi-maa/ Where were you last night?
A: ѹ仴˹ѧҨ./ŏrr-chăn-bpai-doo-năng-maa-jâ/ Well, I went to see a movie.
Q: ͡ѧ˹/láew-ther-gam-lang-jà-bpai-năi-lâ/ Where are you going now?
A: ѧáԹ˹ / gôrr-gam-lang-jà-bpai-hăa-a-rai-gin-nòy/ I am going to get something to eat.

Please find the way to use it. Id love to see you speak Thai better. Till then!!!

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Your blog is good for Thais and foreigners.Thank you for sharing

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