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Jerry's profile

Real Name: Liao Yang Zhen
Stage Name: Yan Cheng Xu
English Name: Jerry Yan
Birthday: January 1, 1977
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Measurements: 38-30-36
Horoscope: Capricorn
Bloodtype: B
Hobbies: Dancing (?) & Basketball
Language: Mandarin, Taiwanese, japanese, cantonese(limited)and a little English
Collection: All types of sunglasses
Food: Anything that is edible
Color: Black
Personality: Cheerful, Responsible, humble & soo shy..
Favorite Part: Fingers
Favorite Movie: Dancing in the Dark
Favorite Artist: Any one who is willing to learn
Favorite Instrument: Piano
Favorite Country: Japan
Favorite Pet: Any type
Favorite Style: Casual and natural
Favorite Drinks: Water
Country most want to visit: U.S.A
Dream: To have a farm and rear many kinds of animals
Unforgettable Incident: A teacher cried in front of him because his exam results were not good
Most Hated Thing: Not being respected
Favorite Music: Wide Range
Best Performing Item: Dance

Spicy Teacher
Meteor Garden 1
Meteor Rain
Come To My Place
Meteor Garden 2
Love Scar
White Tower (The Hospital)

Talk Show:
ABCDEF4 (w/ F4)

Magic Kitchen

Meteor Rain (w/ F4)
Fantasy 4ever (w/ F4)
Jerry For You

Won 1st Place in the Men's Uno contest in 1998
Best Asian Pop Artist Award in Korea (M-net annual music award - 2004)
Best New Comer - 12th Chinese Music Charts Awards 2005
Gravity - chosen as one of the six awardees as Most Popular song in Taiwan and Hongkong Area at the 12th Chinese Music Charts Awards
One Meter - winner, 10 Bests Songs from HK and Taiwan, 5th Pepsi Music Charts Awards,2005
Memory Pieces - winner, 10 Best Songs from HK and Taiwan, 5th Pepsi Music Chart Awards,2005

7-11 , Biffi, Lupiao, Siemens & H&F Shampoo

Pepsi , S&K , Bench , Mia Jewelry ,Yamaha , Uha Candy & Oral-B

Attended Functions for big names such as:
Salvatorre Ferragamo
Giorgio Armani

Jerrys Official Website:


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