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Cheap call from Finland to Thailand and other countries

Hi All,
I got good information from one friend that in //
they provide cheap call from Finland to many countries around the world. It's about 1.2 cents per minute if you call yr family in Thailand.
You have to register in the site, then you can use the code to call. Try it // It's very good.

Nice chatting
Cutiedee, Oulu Finland.


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Season Change In Finland

Hi All
It's spring here in Oulu, Finland.It's warmer and sunny day, the temperature is about 15-23 c (Day time) but at night time it's colder around 10-13 c.The warmer weather can cheer me and the others people here a lot. Because we have so long winter around 4 month (the temperature below 0 c)Normally Winter start from November to Febuary, the coldest month is December..around -14 C.My husband and his friends told me that the coldest was -50 C many years ago. And this year has warm winter for them

Summer is coming here on July to August,In my opinion it's best season in Finland. Fresh air with not so cold weather for asian girl like me .And It's high season for tourists also.Nice blossom flowers, sunny beaches,summer cottages,grilled sausages and yummy ice cream...

After August,it's start to be Autumn-Colorfull season and the weather start colder and colder.This season is good for visit mountains and forest then enjoy the nature.

If you'd like to see snow and skiing, Winter is suit for you and offcourse you have to prepare warmer coats,jackets,gloves and socks. You can try ski, snow mobile and see north light in Lapland (North region of Finland).

For more information about Four seasons in Oulu Finland,please visit : //


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Just moved to Finland

Hi All :)
I'm new bloger heh heh.
I just moved to Finland on January 20 2008,I'm now live with my husband in Oulu.It's spring here but the weather still cold for me ^;)


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Location :
Phattalung , Finland

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Hi :)
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