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4th English Diary :: Anne's wedding


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ä .. ¹ 觤 !
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A dream of mostly girl is to get marries with some guy that she loves , good ,
can do everythings for her and the important reason is a true love that gave together.

And today is my best friend's wedding day. I'm so happy , exciting and many feeling
that I can not speak out just like I'm a bride is not my friend. HA ! HA ! {^_^!}

Ann , she is my closed and best friend. She is my classmate
since we are studied in nursery school.

Afterthat we are studied in the same primary school and a junior hi school
at this interval we are little stay apart. And studied in the same class in hi school.
Finished high school we passed the entrance examinate to the same university.
We rent the same apartment but each floor , she lived with her classmate and me too

She always stay with us because her roommate hardly stay at the room
and my classmate is very nice and kind so she was got along with my roommate.
Our activities when we lived together in the apartment are cooking and watching a movie.

We known since studied in nursery school and stay together until now that is along time.
She is the only one friend that I can quick-tempered with her
when I am angry with somebody and she is not fight back , she is the best friend.

Today she will be a bride I don't know and never see her groom , don't know even his name.
Many times that she failed in love but now she is lucky in love.
But now she met a guy that she loves and he loves my friend.
The one thing that I hope is he can take care my best friend well forever.

So late at night , this morning I have to go to help my friend
and prepare the wedding party for her tonight
so I should to sleep ^_^

Thursday : September 6th , 2008 : nearly 02.00 am


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Nice try! I am not a native speaker, have been studying abroad for a year, have been working in the international companies for some years. It might be a good opportunity for you if you really want to improve your English skill.

First of all, your date in writing your 4th diary - is it in September?? Probably you typed it wrong, we are now entering November..

A dream of most girls is to get marry with a guy that she loves and loves her. He has to be a good guy and can do everything for her. Most importantly is a true love that one gives to each other.

And today is my best friend's wedding day. I'm so happy , exciting and many feeling that I couldn't express, (can not) (speak out) seems like it was me as a bride not my friend. HA ! HA ! {^_^!}

Ann , she is my closed and best friend. She is my classmate
since we were studied in nursery school.

We had been in the same school since primary school until high school, with some years in seperation.

After we had finished high school we passed the entrance exam (or examination) and entered into the same university but different faculty. She studied Psychology but I studied Marketing, but we live in the same apartment with different floor. She lived with her classmate, and so did I.

This is only one part that I tried to edit. I am not a teacher, but I would also love to try English as well.

Let's see what is your teacher's comment...


: Lek - in Norway (incomplete ) 6 Ȩԡ¹ 2551 3:19:45 .  




: JEn (saifon_3 ) 6 Ȩԡ¹ 2551 6:11:09 .  


Let me share some.... well, i'm not a native speaker never been abroad and never work in various of the international companies, let me share this with both of you, the followings are the mistakes which are really obvious
1. A dream of most girls is to get marry it should be
A dream of most girls "are" to get marry (as the subject is a plural)
2. Most importantly is a true love that one gives to each other.
-The most important thing is a true love that one gives to each other (as the superlative we need to add article "the" in front of that word as well, importantly is an adverb use together with the verb not a noun
3. many FeelingS (never forget "s" if the noun is a plural
4.close friends no "ed'' as you both still close to each other not just only in the past (right?)
5. since, mostly we use since with part pasticiple (s+has,have+v3)

Keep on trying, gotta go now
see you around


: Nameless girl IP: 6 Ȩԡ¹ 2551 15:59:29 .  


Thank you Khun Nameless girl:

Let me share some more idea:

I agreed with no. 1, 2 but not sure with the number 3 and I am no comment on that. I have to find out if "feeling" is countable noun that we can add "s" on it.

The number 4 - using "closed-friend" instead of close friend well well no reason just because I have seen it from several readings but it can be used both "close friend" and "closed friend"

For number 5, yes "since" will be used with present participle (you might typo).

Thanks for sharing.


: Lek - in Norway (incomplete ) 6 Ȩԡ¹ 2551 17:06:11 .  



Thank you for all comment


: freakie 6 Ȩԡ¹ 2551 17:12:50 .  


Թդ ¤ ਹԴ


: JEn (saifon_3 ) 6 Ȩԡ¹ 2551 21:47:05 .  


ha ha ha..Sadly , so many people toss in the feast with the relationship, Away back behind the scence im in a kitchen to prepare delicious (ha ha ha) foods for the fabulous - huge party...5555

So, im ǻ, im 58


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: nameless_girl IP: 7 Ȩԡ¹ 2551 16:18:58 .  




: Nameless girl IP: 7 Ȩԡ¹ 2551 16:52:39 .  



go to this website then type closed friend

see whether this word is exist or not


: Nameless girl IP: 7 Ȩԡ¹ 2551 17:00:07 .  


Thanks Khun Nameless girl so much ka



: niCky IP: 7 Ȩԡ¹ 2551 17:23:48 .  


You are very welcome
Khun niCky


: Nameless girl IP: 10 Ȩԡ¹ 2551 8:31:22 .  

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