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by ᴧ .1 ѹ (SDC1st Dentist)

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Q : Can anybody advise me about the possibility of having metal braces on denture?
I've lost a couple of upper incisor and they have been replaces with fake teeth, dentures.
They're hung as a bridge as because e teeth have gone away from the roots.
It caused overbite problem and I need to get it corrected. So, can this issue be solved by normal metal braces? Or I still need to go for the skeletal surgery instead?
A : For a single tooth replacement the best option would be an implant. If your teeth are crooked then You need to get braces to straighten the teeth then get an implant. Orthodontist can put a fake tooth on the wire so it looks normal while the teeth move and the implant heals into place.
You can get braces while you're wearing dentures but the dental jobs would probably more difficult

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