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Fatal Relations 1

This morning was overcast and gloomy. It was not a good way to start the day. Stivarno, a detective, got a call while drinking coffee. He left immediately, leaving the coffee still there.

At Euries house, Natasha had been killed two hours ago. There were three people in the family. Eurie -the husband- looked very upset. His eyes emitted the sorrow from loosing his beloved wife.

In front of him, Boris -Euries brother- was crying and shouting to Eurie,

You killed her. You have a new girl friend. Natasha was very beautiful and nice. Why did you kill her?

Eurie said nothing, just put his hands over his face.

You got it wrong, Boris, Lolita -their youngest sister- said.

It was Natasha who had cheated on Eurie. I stayed home with her everyday. I know what she was doing. She was going back to her ex-boyfriend. She deserved to die. Lolita laughed.

Boris was very angry with her behavior, Shut up, otherwise I will turn your light out.

Lolita screamed, and then they started arguing. Eurie just kept silent, but you could see he was thinking.

There was a knock at the door. It was Stivarno who came to investigate. Eurie took him to his bedroom, where Natasha was lying on the floor. She had dried blood on the left corner of her mouth; a true indication that she had been poisoned.

On the dressing table, there was a glass of orange juice that still had a quarter left in it. Nevertheless, some brown sediment could be noticed in the bottom of the glass, when Stivarno had a close look at it.

The detective walked around the bedroom looking for more clues. Nothing was out of place; no trace of fighting. However, he asked Eurie to search the wardrobe, dressing table, and both of the bedside tables.

In the drawer of the left bedside table, Stirvano found an unfinished note. He read it quickly, and then turned to Eurie with the note. He used his fingers to cover a part of it.

The note said, I miss you so much, but its wrong for me to feel this now. Maybe we should sit down and work it out.

Eurie didnt seem to be surprised. He was silent for a moment, then said,

Its Natashas handwriting.

---------------------------------------------to be continued---------------------------------------

PS This is a narrative story that I wrote in English class with the condition of three to five characters.
I'm not an author. So if anyone have any suggestion to help me improve my English, I will very appreciate.


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Heath Ledger..another victim

an actor, had been found dead in his rented apartment
with various drugs on his chest.

his past story became the talk of the town.
All the media and press reported everything about him,
even his personal life... especially his behavior on drugs in the past.

Several videos and photos showed him in a drugged state
and were published everywhere.
Many people in the world consumed it
without realizing the negative effect on his fragile family.

Regardless of his fame...
he just came to be another page of the celluloid industry;
he was an Academy Award nominee in 2005
and had numerous other screen credits.
But the press didnt seem to appreciate him in this way.

His image now is sadly portrayed as a drugs victim,
even though its announced that his death was accidental.

Just as Ledgers physical body died from drugs,
his memory as an outstanding young actor should still live on.

What gives the media and press the right
to character assassinate people with a high profile like this?

Did just only drugs actually kill him?


Was it the pressure of being in the public eye!!??


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