24 February 2017

From WSJ,
The substance used to kill Kim Jong Nam was a banned nerve agent called VX, raising the stakes in a case that has frayed diplomatic ties between Malaysia and North Korea.
Sen. Leila de Lima, who has criticized President Rodrigo Duterte’s often bloody antidrug drive, said she is innocent of charges that she took money from drug dealers to fund her senatorial campaign.
Donald Trump’s presidency has been a boon to Warren Buffett, especially when it comes to the legendary investor’s holding in Bank of America.
China’s securities regulator fined investor Xian Yan 3.48 billion yuan ($510 million) Friday for stock market manipulation, an amount that approaches the total of fines handed out by the regulator for all of last year.
A software bug at Cloudflare that caused it to leak data has created a potential security headache for thousands of its corporate customers.

U.K. Opposition Leader Under Pressure After Election Defeat

The leader of the U.K.’s main opposition party was under fire after his party lost a parliamentary seat it has held for more than 80 years to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives.


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