Sharing England squad with Liverpool’s Champions League winners ‘draining’, admits Rose

Tottenham defender Danny Rose says it has been difficult to spend time around Liverpool players during England’s Nations League campaign.

Liverpool beat Spurs 2-0 in Madrid to lift their sixth European Cup, just five days before the Three Lions’ first match in Portugal.

England manager Gareth Southgate opted against starting any of the seven members of his squad who were involved in that game as his side lost their semi-final against Holland on Thursday.

Liverpool were 2-0 winners in the Champions League final (Peter Byrne/PA)


Rose, whose future at Spurs remains uncertain, was one of six recalled for Sunday’s third-place play-off against Switzerland, which England won on penalties.

While he did not feel physically tired at the culmination of a difficult week, Rose admits that being surrounded by players who had triumphed over him and his team-mates was a bitter pill to swallow.

“It’s not draining coming to play for your country,” he said.

“It is a bit draining having วิธีรวย lost last weekend and having to share the camp with Liverpool players. You are reminded every day that you lost the final and that was a unique experience for me.

Danny Rose says it has been difficult to share the England camp with Liverpool players (Tim Goode/PA)

“I have never been through that myself. I was definitely tired from a long season with my club and having to come to England didn’t help. But as I said, whenever you’re selected for UFABET England it is a great occasion. It is one I will always welcome and cherish.”

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