if you wanna know how long it will be ,, the answer is eternity..
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Good bye GOOD BOY, my beloved "JR."


Always thank you very much for the greatest happiness
and the best inspiration ever in my whole life
that you gave me throughtout your lively life, 13 years till now.
Thank you for your smile,
your strength,
your respect,
your honesty,,
for waiting for my going back home everyday
for everything ,,

Thank you for growing together..

I couldn't say any words, I just can do it by writing for you
and hope you realize what i feel.

Where are you by now?
Traveling in somewhere right?
You will reach that heaven soon I'm really sure :)

You're out of tire now
Hope you rest in heaven and peace
with the eternal happiness.

I respect and remind you as always,
I know you're beside me as ago and so on
Good night my GOOD BOY "JR."

March 5th, 2010


JR. (shot at New Year 2010 party!) handsome guy right? :D


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