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I forgive it all, I love you, Goodbye :)

I will never forget you,
Though I may meet someone new,
But a part of my heart,
Will forever belong to you.

I know it wont be easy,
And Ill miss you every second,
But everything in life,
Comes with a special lesson.

Letting go is hard,
But when all the sadness clears,
There will not be a reason,
To shed another tear.
What we had was priceless,
And you will always hold my heart,
But now that our love is gone,
We must forever part.

My love you took for granted,
But I gave it anyway,
And still you overlook me,
Even to this day.
Of all the times you hurt me,
And all the times Ive cried,
I think of why I worked so hard,
And why I even tried.

You said youd love me forever,
But forever has come and gone,
And still I sit and wonder,
Where it all went wrong.
But now I see whats really there,
And theres nothing I could have done,
You cant help who you love,
And I just wasnt the one.

But now I see whats really there,
And theres nothing I could have done,
You cant help who you love,
And I just wasnt the one.
Maybe someday down the road,
Our paths will intertwine,
And once again I can hold you,
And know you are mine.

But until the day, if it even comes,
You will only be in my mind,
For now its time for me to see,
If its true love I can find.
We had some really good times,
And we had some really bad,
But the strength to keep on going,
Neither of us had.

Im sorry our time has ended,
And we couldnt make things work,
But then I think of all the times,
You acted like a jerk.

I know I wasnt perfect,
But I gave you all I had,
And if we were so deep in love,
Why does it feel so bad?

I still have a lot of questions,
And I still wonder why,
But now all I can do is say,
I love you and goodbye.


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Maybe you lost someone you never expected you would lose. Maybe you lost yourself. Thats even worse. When you have bad days that just wont let up, I just hope that you will look in the mirror and remind yourself of what you are and what you are not.

You are not your mistakes.
You are not damaged goods or money from your failed explorations.
You are not the opinion of someone who doesnt know you.

You are a product of the lessons that youve learned.
You are wiser because you went through something terrible.
And you are the person who survived a bunch of rainstorms and kept walking.

I now believe that pain makes you stronger. And now I believe that walking through a lot of rainstorms gets you clean.

― Taylor Swift
I recall late November, holdin' my breath Slowly I said, "You don't need to save me But would you run away with me?" Sandara Pique Bernabue|Create Your Badge
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