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ตุลาคม 2550
19 ตุลาคม 2550
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until that day

I can't yet end up, I can't stop
I've always got it over in such a way, haven't I?

If I throw it out and turn my back
It's rude to the tears I shed at that time, isn't it?

You see? I don't care at all
Whenever and however I may sell this body by the piece
But I never give over my heart alone to anyone else

You see? There sometimes are the days
When I think until when and for what purpose
I just have to keep on going forward this way
But because you are watching me ...

It's not so simple, I don't care even if I look laughable
It's uninteresting to live only for myself

That person thinks as if he knew everything about me
Just after we smiled and talked a little together
A big mistake

The reason of this smile and the meaning of this word can't be understood
Because I don't even want to make them understood
It can't be helped
Indeed, no one knows about real me
More than you

You see? If I run out of this place some day
I'm sure they will wave their arms
With satisfied looks

You see? If I run out of this place some day
I'm sure they will nod quietly
With satisfied looks

I ask you for keeping on watching me
Until that day ...


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nice one, Thanks


โดย: hayashimali 20 ตุลาคม 2550 7:00:37 น.  

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