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One, Two, Three... How Many Parts of Research Paper Can You Count?

Parts of research paper can exceed the number of its traditional constituents: introduction, body, and conclusion. To know proper structure and essential parts of research paper, you can consult your supervisor and follow his guidelines; moreover, they can depend on his preferences and favorite citation style. Parts of research paper are organized according to its content.

Parts of Research Paper

Reliable data and correct interpretation are not sufficient for obtaining a high grade. Parts of research paper have a certain influence on the impression from your paper. We shall enumerate them and explain.

  1. Title. Shortly and precisely written. The first part of research paper to be seen.
  2. Abstract. Brief, captivating, well-considered. This part of research paper arouses reader’s interest.
  3. Introduction. Informative and concise. The part of research paper used to introduce the ideas and give essential information for understanding your work.
  4. Materials and methods. Precisely and extensively described. Tell about everything you needed to carry out your investigation.
  5. Results. Accurate and full. This part of research paper states obtained data. 
  6. Discussion. Adequate and in detail. The part of research paper used to summarize the findings, interpret them, advance your ideas and draw conclusions of investigation.
  7. Acknowledgements. This brief part of research paper is added if there arises opportunity to acknowledge assistance and support.
  8. References. Full and correctly formatted, compiled in the process of writing. 
  9. Appendices. Include tables, figures, diagrams, visual aids, and experimental data. This optional part of research paper is used if you do not want to make your paper too long and can do without some information, which can be only referenced in main parts.

Some recommendations for the process of writing:

    1. Estimate length of each part. Do not exceed word limit.
    2. Put part of research paper in logical order. Do not confuse them.
    3. Arrange the list of references in alphabetical order. 
    4. Write laconic headings.
    5. Dedicate all parts of research paper to the purpose of thesis proving.

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    College Research Papers: How to be the Greatest Researcher

    When studying at college, you should know how to write college research papers. This assignment is an access to world of individual scientific and theoretical investigation and discovery. College research papers promote your comprehension of a discipline and experience.

    Do college research papers differ from other types of research papers?

    The answer is no. The only explicit difference may lie in the level of your experience, which is lower on entering the college. In addition, college research papers may be the first time when the students try themselves as future researchers.

    The main stages of effective college research papers

    • Think over the methods and approaches you are going to apply in your future college research papers. It is not necessary that the methodology must be widely used; choose the one that will suit the chosen topic and its purpose.
    • Gather the necessary information for your college research paper. You can use books, journals, magazines, and even newspapers. The usage of other visual aids would be a great plus.
    • While making inquiries for the research, you may simultaneously write down some brainstorming ideas. In this way, you will save the time and foster the writing your college research paper.
    • On writing a research paper, it is necessary to observe the structure of the paper, including thesis introduction, main body, and conclusion. References and appendix are also obligatory to include.
    • Writing a scientific work, you should be accurate and consistent so that the insertion of reliable citations is an important condition. Make sure that you have mentioned the information about other researchers in this field.
    • Do not forget about grammar and spelling, as you must not miss even minor mistakes. Be attentive!

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