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HR news letter

25 ways to address problems or take advantage of opportunities, using human resources newsletters:
1. Spread your organization's philosophy or vision
2. Report changes in that philosophy with human resources newsletters
3. Announce changes in policies or procedures
4. Advise of changes in management or staff
5. Recognize special contributions by employees
6. Welcome new staff with human resources newsletters
7. Report on changes in benefits packages
8. Deal with frequent questions or complaints about benefits
9. Remind employees of the value and availability of benefits
10. Explain the introduction of new technology with human resources newsletters
11. Upgrade job-related skills or expertise
12. Introduce or encourage employee ownership stock plans
13. Prepare staff for new sales initiatives
14. Help employees handle sensitive inquiries
15. Introduce new products or services with human resources newsletters
16. Explain how to sell new products or services
17. Maintain contact with distant branches with human resources newsletters
18. Improve health and fitness
19. Greater safety awareness on the job
20. Explain the handling of customer complaints
21. Provide information about customers
22. Explain the rationale behind corporate advertising
23. Gather ideas for productivity improvement
24. Identify personnel for promotion
25. Improve inter-office cooperation and coordination with human resources newsletters

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