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20 มิถุนายน 2552
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Just do it !!!!

Ok, This is the first time that I will write the blog in english. Maybe Some of you may have a question that Why I have to write this blog in English? Because I would like to pracitce my english in everytime as much as I can,So anyone who know better grammar than me,you can suggest for me.

Let's start about This day, I must working for a long time because of some worker in my team ask for leave so I must working replace him.

Tomorrow , I have a plan to see " Jai Sang Ma" Concert of Sek Loso at Impact Arena, so I will take a photo for this blog.

Umm... I don't have any idea to write now. ok , Just enough for firstly blog in english. Tomorrow I think , I will write more today.

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wooo! wanna see Concert of sek Loso jung ka ^^
fortunately,I'm not in thailande right now~~~

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