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Hi everybody, this is the first time we are writing to you. First of all, we will like to tell you that we had got married for nearly 3 years, had our first baby HAMILTON (boy) and got our flat apartment for 1year now - a place where we are building our warm family nest. On the 24th March 2006, that was the date we had our Thai traditional wedding in the Thai monk hospital. Also, later in the night, we had our wedding dinner at a very romantic & remote pub restaurant by the Chao praya river. It was so beautiful & perfect. So unforgettable. On the 25th March, we flew back to Singapore. On the 26th March, we had our Chinese tea ceremony in the morning. This was the time which symbolised the acceptance of a daughter-in-law by victor's family. (Adair looked especially beautiful, now is so fat)< Now it has been 3 years since married. We cannot describe the happiness in us that keep us warm. People say that there is no perfect life. We agree and we must say that we added 3 rules for our married life to make it near to perfect - 'Listen' 'Consistent' and 'Be in HARMONY' Since entering Parenthood, it has really made us grow. Maturely, mentally, and also physically TIRED. hahaha...But there is no word to describe the happiness we are enjoying when we see the smile and laughter on our baby as he plays. For now, we wanna say, May everyone enjoy every minute of your life. Lets enjoy and share your happy moments with us. We are very sure that there are lots to talk about. Looking forward to hear from you great people out there ! Love, Adair (cheesecake)Victor (penguine)Hamilton (screamer monster)


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May everyone enjoy every minute of your life. Lets enjoy and share your happy moments with us
Love, Adair (cheesecake)Victor (penguine)Hamilton (screamer monster)
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