Bike from Schwinn

The Prelude Men's Road Bike from Schwinn is well suited to commuting and
pleasure or fitness riding. The Prelude features an aluminum road frame
with drop handlebars and a forgiving Schwinn road fork. The 14-speed
Shimano drivetrain is equipped with responsive A050 shifters and
lightweight alloy cranks to keep you moving fast. Clips and straps for
the pedals increase efficiency in turning the deep-dish, 700c alloy
wheels. Additional details on the Prelude include dual pivot road brakes
with alloy levers, a comfortable Schwinn road saddle, and a kickstand.

Key Specifications:

  • Size: 55 inches

  • Wheel Size: 700c

  • 14-speed drivetrain

  • Schwinn Aluminum Drop Bar Road Frame


  • Crank: Schwinn Approved Alloy 42/52-tooth Road

  • Bottom Bracket: Sealed with Ball Bottom Bracket System

  • Derailleur: Road Double

  • Shifters: Shimano A050 Bar Mounted

  • Chain: KMC Z-51, Black


  • Rims: Schwinn Alloy x 36-hole

  • Rim Size: 700C

  • Hubs: QR Alloy 36-hole

  • Spokes: 14-gram Black

  • Tires: Schwinn 700 x 25c Road

Components and Extras:

  • Pedals: Road with Toe Clip and Strap

  • Brakes: Dual Pivot Road

  • Brake Levers: Alloy Road

  • Handlebar: Road Shallow Drop

  • Stem: Schwinn Road Ahead

  • Headset: 1 1/8-inch threadless

  • Grips: Color Matched Foam Wrap

  • Saddle: Schwinn Padded Road

  • Seatpost: 27.2 Alloy

  • Color Matched Parts

  • Clear Coated Paint and Graphics

  • Toe Clips and Straps

  • Kickstand

After Easter brunch, we decided to start a tradition. We went on a family bike ride and walk. It was fun right from the very beginning…literally, as soon as the words came out of my husband's mouth, everyone smiled like they were a kid. Riding a bike still brings us back to those days…hair blowing in the wind, freedom, a fun game, the original joy ride.

My favorite game on my bike when I was little was taxi. My cousin and I would do this at her house in Pleasanton, CA. My dad would pack our bikes for the 2 1/2 hour drive from Roseville, CA even if we were just going for the weekend. Riding through the neighborhood on our bikes, was our thing. We would plan our routes, make and laminate maps and pretend we were actually picking people up and dropping them off…getting paid, of course. It sounds slightly silly now but I remember doing this for hours!

Biking, to me, means freedom, it has always been my ticket to ride no matter where I’ve lived. When I lived in LA it also meant convenience.... I could get from my apartment to the supermarket in about 4.3 minutes. Try getting your mail in LA in 4.3 minutes….doesn't happen. My bike has been my companion for a long time. In college, it was my ticket to food. Every single night, no matter how hard practice was, I would pedal faster than anyone to get to dinner. Sometimes I would bike home with my friends and we would sing as we pedaled and sometimes we were so tired and focused that there was pure night silence. Either way, it was awesome.

Now, I love seeing my kids cruise our street. I love watching them explore and push themselves both physically and mentally. And, even now, there is almost no better way to bring the joy back into my day than a quick ride around the block. A joy ride that is equal to a deep breath.

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