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In My Shoes

After a few trips abroad alone. I decided to begin writing something. Something neither a trip planning nor a diary of my traveling, but something, maybe a new life perspective from my own eyes in my own shoes. Life is so full of uncertainty, you never know what is going to happen in the very next seconds of your breath, that is why the Buddha teaches us to always be prepared.

My last trip in San Francisco, I was queuing up at the Alcatraz ticket booth when suddenly people started to scream at something. A man, big in his body, fell down convulsed in front of his wife, ten seconds later, he was still. The next thing I saw was a kind of chaos; first aid, 911 calling and a siren flash but the most eye catching picture was a picture of his wife crying and begging over her husband’s body and maybe the soul to please return. Everybody was looking at what was happening, many thoughts spun around sharing the same anxiety. In my head I was perceiving the déjà vu sensation, flashed back, not the resemblance of the situation but I knew, the feeling. In my heart, I was praying to God, please please help him, don’t just take him away from his wife, she needs him. In my brain, I was talking to the man, please please stay, try to come back from wherever it takes you, your wife is waiting here. In my mind, I found myself comforting her in silence, please please be strong, things shall get better, I really understand your feeling, I have been there, I have been there…..

The next minute later the man’s body was moved into an ambulance, his wife was still crying while walking after him. The officers were hastily clearing the way out for them. Still, everybody stood there stunned, looking at the same direction until an ambulance went far far away, out of sight. My last thought came up while I was slowly walking away, everybody has to confront this inevitably and we all have different ways to deal with it. The more you understand the losing, the more you realize about the living. After all, life is like those leaves on the tree for no matter how you want to stay until the next Spring, but when the Fall comes, it is time to go. In the end, just like we all know, just like we all say, nothing is forever…… Have you ever lost somebody?

By: Now I Believe In Destiny


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