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ธันวาคม 2553
4 ธันวาคม 2553
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First time.

Yesterday. First time,I can talk with ma AUA teacher. Usually I can't did because I shy and I afraid to do.

He asked with me that I have to read english language books why and what do you study at university? Because he see my a novel and a cartoon that foreign people give me.
I answered I study Property Management and my future job have to use it a lot. But I can't well.
He advice I go to SALLC room. There have conversation course.
I answered I use to go there. I listen they conversation but I shy to join.
He said,"Don't shy. At first everybody to shy. Teacher don't serious that true or false. He will wait and help you."
Sometime I can't think word.
He said,"You can use another word or use body language."...

I happy that he talk with me. I will try up. I will practice a lot.


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I'm glad that finally you've practiced by talking to a real foreigner , keep it up. And teacher was right that you don't need to be shy of talking to foreigner as English isn't our mother language and teacher already knew there fore we came to language institute for learning and as much as you speak teacher will help you to know which is right or wrong and fix it out. So only that you can learn english better. I'm looking forward to see your evolution. Cheers <3


โดย: nadiya 5 ธันวาคม 2553 0:05:07 น.  


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โดย: สาวไกด์ใจซื่อ 13 มกราคม 2554 11:48:32 น.  


Thank u for your commented on my blog about Dubai princes,,
and for your cheer up in English talking....I hope you can communication with others in well as soon as...

ผมไม่รู้ว่าถูกหรืผิด แต่เวลาคุยกับลูกค้าก็ประมาณนี้แหละครับ
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โดย: ลี (zmake27 ) 16 มกราคม 2554 21:23:37 น.  



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โดย: สาวไกด์ใจซื่อ 21 มีนาคม 2554 9:23:11 น.  

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