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Get the Best out of Your Paragraphs in the Essay

Paragraphs serve to bring coherence and clarity in the essays. The writing would have been monotonous and taxing if there weren't for paragraphs. The paragraph allows you to group information together and present it to the reader with each of its parts storing some kind of information about the main idea of ​​the paragraph. Knowing the structure of the essay and the standard of the paragraph structure, the reader can grasp the information easily. Thus, it is important for an essay writer  to perfect their paragraph writing.

Length of a paragraph

The paragraph-length varies according to the essay length. It is common to see longer paragraphs in lengthy essays discussing large and complicated topics. In shorter essays, you can find anywhere from 3 to up to 5 paragraphs.

However, to elongate an essay paragraph such that it fits a whole page is a bad writing practice. Shorter paragraphs are easier to follow and navigate. 

If you end up with a paragraph that is shorter than three to four sentences then you should merge that with other paragraphs if possible, or try to work on its contents. However, if the paragraph becomes too long then you should try to split it. 




Structure of a paragraph

The paragraph structure should broadly be like that of an essay: It should have an introduction part, a middle part for discussion, and a final conclusion to top it up. 

Each paragraph in the essay has a claim or a point heading it. Following the introduction of which, it will be developed and finally concluded. 


The introduction part

The introduction should start by stating the purpose of the paragraph. The information about the claim that the paragraph is going to discuss or defend should be present foremost so the readers can read on with that in mind.

It is important to tell the reader where the paragraph stands with the rest of the exemplification essay claims. The use of conjunctions can be useful in showing the connection with the previous parts. 

Through the introduction, the reader should get an idea of ​​how the claim answers the essay prompt and why it warrants a discussion.


The development part

This is where the idea introduced in the starting lines is developed and discussed while also supporting the point. There are lots of steps that go into this part to ensure that the reader is convinced of the idea.

First of all, the main idea is further explained in detail to the reader for clarification. The claim is then supported by evidence and examples. The validity of your claim depends on the strength and the relevance of this evidence

You should then talk about the counters to your claim and critically analyze why your claim is valid.


The conclusion part

The conclusion to each paragraph should link it back to the main claim and to the central thesis statement. You should emphasize on the importance of the point to the discussion at hand.

The paragraph checklist

  • Allow the readers to discern parts of the paragraph so they can identify different parts of your arguments and follow the development of your discussion. 
  • The paragraph should have its own structure, to which you should abide by throughout your narrattive essay . A change in structure from one paragraph to the next will put your reader off.
  • State your main idea clearly and don't stray from it when discussing it in the paragraph.
  • The last sentence of the paragraph should connect the idea to the main thesis.
  • When starting the next paragraph, make sure to use transitioning and signposts the initial sentences. 



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