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This is Jakhri, Incredible India

Papa went to India 3 times for difference assignments in 2005. The most impressive place that Papa has been to is Jakhri in Himachal Pradesh. First trip to Jakhri is in September, some 2-3 weeks before you were born. And again for the follow up of the first trip only 2 weeks after sharing your first fortnight with you and Mama.

Location of the new assignment

Well, well if only it happen in the other time in my life, this could be one of the most interesting trip Papa have come across so far. The work itself is sort of repetitive but the place Papa visited is fabulous.

Overview of Jakhri

Locating in the north of India, only could be reached by the tough, mountainous road after long journey by train from Delhi, Jakhri is not a famous destination for tourist. The trip to Jakhri started by flying to Delhi. Then from Delhi Papa took a train to Chandigarh. After a 3 hours journey by train to Chandigarh, Papa have to travel by 4WD for 15 hours to get to Jakhri.
Road travelling to Jakhri requires a bit of nerve as more than 90% of the road is a very narrow hill-side, which road barrier to the cliff just either can't be found or merely be a piece of stone. Land slide is common in this region and you would see the temples along the road, most of them are buit in the momorial of people who died in a road accident.

The condition of the road to Jakhri.

Sometimes the journey have to be paused to allow cows and mountain goats to pass by.

The town of Jakhri is built along the banks of Satluj river. As it located near Rampur, the capital of ancient prosperous hill state "Bushair", Jakhri benefited from a wide range of economic and cultural exchanges. Today, Jhakri is known by most of people as a project location of Nathpa Jakhri Hydro-electric Project, the largest hydro power plant in India.

Overview of project site in Jakhri

Occasionally in second trip, Papa have free times to go around. Papa was stunned with the breath-taking scenery in Sarahan. Papa even got to go into Bhimakali temple to worship the Hindu God.

Mountainous scenery of Sarahan

Bhimakali temple in Sarahan

Papa's friend in Rampur market


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