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Watching movies is my latest addiction. No criticizing. No review. Just watching for the sake of watching and enjoying. Within the past 30 days, I've been watching more movies than I did in the past five years. I started watching movies again last month perhaps, after asking my american CS guest what was his favorite movie. Just so that we would have something to talk about. He said "True Romance". I never heard of the movie before. Initially, I supposed it would be romantic comedy (from the title name) and wondered why a guy would like a movie with such a lousy name. I googled it (and downloaded it eventually). I was curious to know why he liked this movie so much. Then I gave it a try. I didn't expect anything from the first start. That was probably why I liked it. And after that, I've been enjoying every movie I watch since then. Watching movies is like a journey for me while I can't travel. I feel like I've become a different person one way or another after finishing each movie, either good or bad ones. With no expectation, I won't regret watching them. There's one exception though. The only genre I will never watch no matter how excellent the movie is is horror.

Some words to remind myself how I feel after watching each movie. Randomness and spoiler are foreseen ;-)

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1) An Education (UK)
-- I don't feel like I wanna go to Paris again.
-- I like that young boy. He's sooooo cute!!! <3
-- Either the young girl is too tall or the old guy is too short.
-- When did she lose her virginity?
-- Meryl Streep just nailed it (and stole the show!!).

2) Brokeback Mountain (USA)
-- I watched the movie while having dinner at the dining table. I screamed a lot. I finished my meal as fast as I could. I got back to my room and screamed a lot more.
-- I won't survive with cans of beans.
-- What about the wedding?
-- It all begins with a hug in bed. I'd better try it.
-- I'll watch it again.



1) Sin City (USA)
-- Jessica Alba is DAMN HOT!!!
-- They should cast somebody else to play 'Becky'.
-- Probably the first (almost) b&w film I've ever watched.

2) Departures (Japan)
-- I had lunch before watching the movie which was good. That one scene almost made me wanna throw up.
-- I wanna eat salmon.
-- I really like that scene when the old man enconffined the old lady. It was so beautiful.
-- My tears dropped when the stone dropped from the deceased father.

3) Nobody Knows (Japan)
-- Poor kids, but I won't blame the mother or the father(s).
-- I wanna eat instant noodles.
-- I should try putting some kid in the suitcase.
-- I never successfully grow a tree from its seeds except bean sprouts.
-- I'll be more careful next time I stand on a chair.



1) My Blueberry Nights (USA)
-- I wanna eat blueberry pie.
-- I should have asked Matt to teach me how to play poker like a pro.
-- I never knew that Natalie's boobs are that big (the hotel room scene).



1) (500) Days Of Summer (USA)
-- I laughed so hard. The whole Chinese family in our kitchen!!
-- I think Summer is 57.9% more beautiful and interesting because of Tom.
-- I like the dancing-walking scene.
-- I thought she was Katy Perry.

2) Babylon A.D. (USA)
-- Vin looks old T_T
-- Oh Aurora! I love her in The Legend of 1900.
-- I didn't notice when the movie ended.
-- The best scene was when Michelle Yeoh cried.
-- Coca-Cola Zero airplane.. hmmm right.



1) Eagle Eye (USA)
-- I think too many cars were wrecked down unnecessarily.
-- It reminds me of Metropolis (Anime).
-- POTUS 111 - what a code!
-- I miss Agent Perez in Sin City.

2) Corre Lola Corre (Germany)
-- I feel like running.
-- I'll bet on 20 if i ever play russian roulette.
-- I wouldn't even put $10,000 in a plastic bag.



1) Kill Bill Vol.1 (USA)
-- for the second time.
-- damn its still awesome!!



1) 2046 (Hong Kong)
-- I feel gloomy in a good way after watching this movie.
-- they all speak their own languages.
-- sex scenes ohhhh *.*



1) The Reader (USA)
-- it makes me wanna read more.
-- i want someone to run me a bath also.

2) The Man Who Wasn't There (USA)
-- Ed.. not a fancy name indeed.
-- sometimes you cant see what lies beneath.
-- a husband knows... i like this scene.



1) Paris Je'taime (France)
-- it makes me wanna go back to paris (probably not in winter).


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